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Comment: Better with Microsoft than eBay (Score 2) 46

by Anubis_Ascended (#42611759) Attached to: Microsoft May Replace Xbox Live Chat With Skype

I personally believe that Skype has a better fit as a Microsoft-owned entity than it did as an eBay-owned entity. eBay had no [profitable] means to integrate it into their current business (e-commerce and online payments), and no experience in managing an instant messaging application. Microsoft, on the other hand, would be able to integrate Skype into their current business, and already has years of experience in managing an instant messaging application, due to their Messenger service.

The Courts

+ - Washington's $50B tech plan derailed by lawsuit

Submitted by Stony Stevenson
Stony Stevenson (954022) writes "A group of technology service providers are claiming that the U.S. government broke its own laws when it selected contractors to participate in a sweeping technology initiative on which Washington plans to spend up to $50 billion. Plans for moving ahead with the program, known as Alliant, are now on hold, according to the General Services Administration. In the lawsuit against the government, one of the service providers, Serco, claims the federal selection process for the program was "arbitrary and capricious," and did not properly account for vendors' past performance, references, and technical capabilities — as required by law."

+ - Wii Doing What Nintendo Wanted It To

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superdan2k writes "When Nintendo brought the Wii to market, one of their stated goals was to get people who didn't normally play video games using their console. Based on this article from the AP, it seems they've made some headway in capturing the senior citizen market. With the Wii's price point, and it being a good way to get people engaged in physical exercise, it's easy to envision it catching on with other retirement homes beyond the one mentioned in the article. Now that it's expanding beyond the 'typical' video game demographic, has the Wii taken the first steps toward winning the console war?"

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