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Comment: Virtual Actors are Not Human Actors! (Score 1) 404

The studios are pushing hard on this. In order to get actors on the performance capture bandwagon, they have to convince the Academy to give an Oscar to a person for a virtual performance.

You see this in every frickin' video of Avatar where Cameron or the actors talk about the production. It's almost akin to a Bush-era media blitz how they parrot the same sentences again and again.. "This is not an animation --it was me!"

We cannot give an Oscar for best performance to a virtual actor.

This is a slippery slope. One of the entire reasons to use performance capture is to leverage the fact that it's all data. In a split second you can take the smile from take 6 and blend it into the nice squinting eyes from take 8.

Even the mere 'mapping' of a performance onto a character of different proportions alters it.

We shall see if their millions in marketing pay off, but I hope that there is no best actor or supporting nominee that didn't actually show up in a single frame of a film.

And I have worked on performance capture films.


+ - Skype Bans Proxy Users?

Submitted by Anubis333
Anubis333 (103791) writes "Skype has been banning users it thinks connect to the internet via anonymous proxies. Any payment a user makes with a credit card says the payment 'failed', causing many to spend hours contacting their card issuers. While not only netting the customers who use some types of ADSL, they are also banning people who value their privacy and use Tor/Privoxy. Skype says this is a 'security' measure, but it is much more likely that they fear international users, whom they only identify by ip address, from partaking in their free domestic calling plans."

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