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Comment: Re:Working drivers... (Score 3, Informative) 1880

by Antity-H (#38022128) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

Why you would want to pull a windows=intellij vs linux=eclipse stunt, when it is trivial to see that both are available for both platforms is beyond me.
Shame as the rest of you argument is valid. I myself migrated back to windows mostly for lightroom and for lack of expendable money to spend on a mac

Comment: Re:Github? (Score 1) 442

by Antity-H (#36891926) Attached to: The Rise of Git

+1 : github is pure awesomeness, that and gists: pure genius. If I were to recommend implementing git in a corporate environment I would push for a private internal github installation (I am talking big corporate here) even though I don't have any stake in github.

I would also probably push for gitorious but haven't had time to properly evaluate that yet

Comment: Re:I don't Git it.... (Score 1) 442

by Antity-H (#36891888) Attached to: The Rise of Git

I was all for a git migration at work, if only for perf reasons. With the new 1.7 features I am not so sure anymore.
I still love git, but I also think it is not a tool for everyone. Getting your head around distributed can be difficult for some people and implementing git in large corporate environment can require subtlety too.

Anyway have a look at the 1.7 changes

Comment: Re:Science Fiction Fans don't Watch Ads (Score 1) 742

by Antity-H (#35314880) Attached to: Does Syfy Really Love Sci-Fi?

Just curious : how many ad cuts are there in an american TV show ? (I am not american myself)

I do torrent the shows (to avoid: the wait and the usually horrible translation) and I get the impression that there are a lot of cuts, watching without the ads is bad enough with all the abrupt transitions but watching with the ads must really ruin the experience.

maybe they would get less people cutting ads away if they were : less intrusive, better targeted and possibly made better. At least it would reduce the incentive to cut them away.

Comment: Re:Wow, who wrote this summary? (Score 1) 554

by Antity-H (#35266512) Attached to: UK Government Wants to Spring Ahead Two Hours

A lot but not all, and those who do can have very different means of deciding on which day they would like to switch between summer and winter time.
I had to partially implement a timezone handling lib with summertime support and I consider myself lucky to only have CET/CEST aligned countries and countries with no summer time. CET has an algorithmical way of determining the dayt of the switch, it's doesn't always seem to be the case.
Hopefully I'll be gone by the time they want countries where it's not the case ...

Comment: Re:pegged connection == latency, who'd of thunk it (Score 1) 525

by Antity-H (#34790812) Attached to: Bufferbloat — the Submarine That's Sinking the Net

The problem is that rate-limiting should happen automatically through TCP congestion avoidance protocol and it doesn't at least not for a sane value of latency.

the tcp connection which is maxing out the bandwidth should notice that it is doing that and throttle back down a bit until it it just shy of saturating the available bandwidth in order to keep latency to a minimum or at least to a sane value for the link. This would also allow for low latency for the // ping and therefore for low latency web browsing

Comment: Re:How long will IPv6 last? (Score 1) 406

by Antity-H (#34626378) Attached to: Military Pressuring Vendors On IPv6

I don't know any human "who is likely to even be able to conceive of 85 brontobytes" , but I think I know quite a few who can conceive of someone who could: AI

Don't forget what we don't know yet is probably much more than what we do know.

I do agree that it's a good compromise until we reach the singularity.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?