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Comment Re:Stop promoting this fraudster! (Score 1) 77

I dont care all that much about the claims of the laptop being fully "libre" and I understand that a compromised microcode or FSP can compromise the entire PC, I do believe though that the less binary and closed components their are, the less attack vectors are available.
It may not be perfect but its better than every thing else which is available and it is a step in the right direction. Showing that some buyers DO care about such things demonstrates that a market exists for such machines even at a higher price.
If this can bring us good laptops which are not riddled by malware from day1 as most windows laptop are today, I say go for it.

Yes compromised microcode is still bad, puri.sm is supposedly working on a coreboot base for rev2 (they do acknowledge that rev1 shipped with an AMD Bios here : https://puri.sm/posts/librem-1...)
And yes they are still talking about coreboot instead of libreboot and I haven't had time to read up on what they are and why I should care. They also say that they are working with Intel to free the remaining bits which is laudable at least.

Regarding the memory, they have provided explanations regarding this exact point in their blog
"We heard from a backer that Intelligent Memory can run 32GB even though the specification states 16GB! This was corroborated by both PCWorld and our direct contact at Intelligent Memory this morning. We are back to offering 32GB, and will not change the existing orders down to 16GB."
See https://puri.sm/posts/32gb-is-... for a link to the pcworld bit

I am monitoring the librem 15 news very closely because on paper this is the laptop I want to buy except I haven't :)
All the reviews I have been able to find were done using prototypes, I have been unable to find any article on the production hardware for rev1, I have not seen anyone bragging that they had actually recieved their rev1 either. no pictures, no hands-on impressions etc no actual feedback on the build quality from non marketing sources.

While I don't mind the price for a really good quality laptop, I am unwilling to put it for a machine from a vendor with 0 track record on build quality, delivery, support, etc with no obvious return policy if the laptop doens't meet my standards
(a situation which is made even worse by my being european and puri.sm being an SF based startup which makes the chances of proper support / return pretty slim.)

Comment Re:Finally, some sanity (Score 1) 209

What's really suprising is that said operator is also a landline internet provider (both adsl and fiber) and at least on ADSL it already provides IPv6 connectivity. Why they chose not to implement it on their brand new mobile network is quite beyond me :(

Comment Re:Working drivers... (Score 3, Informative) 1880

Why you would want to pull a windows=intellij vs linux=eclipse stunt, when it is trivial to see that both are available for both platforms is beyond me.
Shame as the rest of you argument is valid. I myself migrated back to windows mostly for lightroom and for lack of expendable money to spend on a mac

Comment Re:Github? (Score 1) 442

+1 : github is pure awesomeness, that and gists: pure genius. If I were to recommend implementing git in a corporate environment I would push for a private internal github installation (I am talking big corporate here) even though I don't have any stake in github.

I would also probably push for gitorious but haven't had time to properly evaluate that yet

Comment Re:I don't Git it.... (Score 1) 442

I was all for a git migration at work, if only for perf reasons. With the new 1.7 features I am not so sure anymore.
I still love git, but I also think it is not a tool for everyone. Getting your head around distributed can be difficult for some people and implementing git in large corporate environment can require subtlety too.

Anyway have a look at the 1.7 changes http://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.7.html

Comment Re:Science Fiction Fans don't Watch Ads (Score 1) 742

Just curious : how many ad cuts are there in an american TV show ? (I am not american myself)

I do torrent the shows (to avoid: the wait and the usually horrible translation) and I get the impression that there are a lot of cuts, watching without the ads is bad enough with all the abrupt transitions but watching with the ads must really ruin the experience.

maybe they would get less people cutting ads away if they were : less intrusive, better targeted and possibly made better. At least it would reduce the incentive to cut them away.

Comment Re:Wow, who wrote this summary? (Score 1) 554

A lot but not all, and those who do can have very different means of deciding on which day they would like to switch between summer and winter time.
I had to partially implement a timezone handling lib with summertime support and I consider myself lucky to only have CET/CEST aligned countries and countries with no summer time. CET has an algorithmical way of determining the dayt of the switch, it's doesn't always seem to be the case.
Hopefully I'll be gone by the time they want countries where it's not the case ...

Comment Re:pegged connection == latency, who'd of thunk it (Score 1) 525

The problem is that rate-limiting should happen automatically through TCP congestion avoidance protocol and it doesn't at least not for a sane value of latency.

the tcp connection which is maxing out the bandwidth should notice that it is doing that and throttle back down a bit until it it just shy of saturating the available bandwidth in order to keep latency to a minimum or at least to a sane value for the link. This would also allow for low latency for the // ping and therefore for low latency web browsing

Comment Re:How long will IPv6 last? (Score 1) 406

I don't know any human "who is likely to even be able to conceive of 85 brontobytes" , but I think I know quite a few who can conceive of someone who could: AI

Don't forget what we don't know yet is probably much more than what we do know.

I do agree that it's a good compromise until we reach the singularity.

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