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Comment: Re:Personal Drones (Score 1) 150

No, really. I think you've got a mistake

The fallacy goes like this:

As a consquence of this rule you've proposed X is true.
X is absurd
your premise is flawed

the logical version goes like this:
As a consequence of your premises X is true
X is also false
X and not X is absurd
your premise is flawed.(thus the logical opposite of the premise)

The reason the former is a fallacy and the latter is a proof, is usually because the underlying arguments of consequence in the former take an irrational extreme that aren't true logical to arrive at the absurdity.

And in the latter, each step can be verified.

Nominally, if the method by which you reach the absurd conclusion is valid in the original argumentation presented by your opponent, it's a good take down.

It just usually isn't. This fallacy is usually another fallacy in carefully constructed disguise. I defend its usage.

Comment: Re:Personal Drones (Score 1) 150

It's funny how reductio ad absurdum is a logical fallacy, and also the name of a literal logical method of proof.

I was just trying to assert that increases in military technology are moderately decoupled from available civilian weaponry. Which I feel can stand on its own.

Comment: Designer babies (Score 2) 150

What if eugenics stopped involving depriving people of their right to reproduce, and instead just targeted the actual genes/gene combinations that are "bad"?

Could we get the best of both worlds? Or is eugenics always wrong, on account of pre-judging people on DNA? Regardless of the ethics, I find myself getting strongly behind genetic engineering of that sort being available, at least.

Comment: Re:It's not the color of their skin... (Score 0) 319

by i kan reed (#46790641) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

Okay, with that bit of context, it's clear that you, at least, intend it as racism, and are looking for a way to pretend it's not. Are you aware of how your broad-based assertions of this sort actually help clarify your racist intentions, and that many people are familiar with people pretending to care about Dr. Kings words while in practice doing no such thing?

Like... we've seen this for years. We know you guys. We aren't fooled. You might as well go back to the transparent racism.

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