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+ - Tackling The Astroturfing Problem

Submitted by Dalton Georgia
Dalton Georgia writes: After a reporter at wrote a negative review of Iolo System Mechanic 7, someone pretending to be a random user posted numerous comments on the blog post. They said they had just tried the software, loved it, and accused the reporter of being paid off by Iolo's competitors. But a little digging revealed that the comments actually came from an IP address at Iolo headquarters. This practice of faking grassroots support has its own term, astroturfing, and is increasingly common in the tech business. Can we ever trust user reviews again?
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OS X Vs. Vista — In Spandex 302

Posted by Zonk
from the sounds-like-a-normal-weekend-to-me dept.
An anonymous reader writes "CNET UK compares Vista Vs. Apple OS X in a Romeo and Juliet, spandex-wearing, Shakespearean English style. Two guys dress up as their favorite operating system and fight with swords, guns, and fists, while a third guy, dressed as a woman, awaits the winner. 'Usability - Act 3, Scene 2: Swords clash, sparks fly and men grunt, but the showdown ends in stalemate ... [Vista] has a far better user interface than XP -- the file and application search facility is vastly improved and the cascading Start menu has been banished, but it only takes a few moments of use to discover pointless idiosyncrasies. Microsoft constantly reminds us of how great Flip 3D is, but this feature doesn't help us find the right application window much faster than Alt-Tab did. It's very time consuming when you have many application windows to flip through, and it's in no way as efficient as OS X's Exposé feature ... We're calling this one a draw. They're just as good as each other, and in some cases just as bad -- a pox upon both your houses! Score: Mac OS X - 2, Windows Vista - 2'"
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+ - Forensics tool for Mac OS

Submitted by
alxtoth writes: "Somebody inserts an USB dongle into your Mac, and "..the device is able to extract OS user passwords, logins for different Apple applications, website history and passwords to different visited sites and more" . They say it's not for sale for anybody. That's their problem who they sell to, but the scary part is: how to get such data out of OS X in the first place?"

Google Deletes Rogue Ads, Dangers Persist 63

Posted by Zonk
from the out-out-rogue-ads dept.
An anonymous reader writes passed us a link to a PC World article about attempts by Google to curb malicious ads via their popular service. The article is somewhat bleak, though, because researchers see the fix as nothing more than temporary. "'Search engines are just too easy a target for bad guys,' says Roger Thompson of Exploit Security Labs. On April 25, Exploit Prevention Labs reported that malware distributors were using advertisements placed via Google's automated AdWords system to infect unsuspecting end-users with spyware designed to capture bank login user names and passwords."

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