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Comment: Getting hired is not about having a degree (Score 1) 1123

by AntiFreeze (#25942015) Attached to: IT Job Without a Degree?

Getting hired comes down to two things:

1) Do you rock at what you do?

2) Does everyone know it?

A degree simply provides evidence that you have a clue about what you're doing, nothing more. Same for certifications. But neither are substitutes for actually kicking ass and getting caught taking names.

If you can demonstrate you're awesome at what you do, you'll get hired. If not, no degree or certification in the world will help you.


Journal: PEBBAM

Journal by AntiFreeze

As opposed to PEBKAC, this one is Problem Exists Between Brain And Mouth.

And I shall call it, Generalized Stupidity Disorder.

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Journal: Management rule of the day 3

Journal by AntiFreeze

"If it goes unsaid, it will go undone." -- Me, about five minutes ago.

Be explicit. If you're not and you think the reason is obvious, it won't happen. An extra 30 seconds of explanation will save you hours of pain down the road when trying to figure out why that important task wasn't taken care of.

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Journal: Slashdot Survey 1

Journal by AntiFreeze

Slashdot has a survey concerning the new layout which I think most of you know about by now.

Here's my response to them, ignoring what I think of the layout (you made changes???):

What one thing would you most like to change about Slashdot's layout?

Spelling, punctuation, and dupe checking. Seriously.

What do you feel is missing from the new look and feel of Slashdot?


Journal: Where my Jews at? 5

Journal by AntiFreeze

Did the High Holy days just sneak up on anybody else?

They start sundown this Friday and I haven't even found a synagogue out here in the Bay Area yet. Guess I better get a move on.

Oh, for those about to offer advice, I'm in San Jose, not San Fran, so it's a bit more difficult than one would think (or so I'm guessing, I really haven't done any searching yet, just kvetching, sue me).

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Journal: Am I the only one who feels no sympathy for Steve Irwin? 5

Journal by AntiFreeze

I mean, sure it sucks when anyone dies. But frankly, I'm more surprised he lived this long than anything else.

And really, wouldn't he have rather been killed by some vicious animal than like, plaque in his arteries? It's how he would have wanted to go!

The man stuck his head in crocodile mouths people! The fact that he survived his first time is astonishing, not alone that he got rich off a career of doing "don't do this at home" type stunts which most people would die from.

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Journal: And it goes on...

Journal by AntiFreeze

So the mechanic gave me a loaner yesterday while he's fixing my car (due to bullshit noted in previous JE).

I went to take the loaner to the supermarket today (becaues it's been three weeks since I could pick up any food and my place has been emptied)... and it won't start!

Anyone have any good tactics for suing the ass off a mechanic? Preferably ones where I am indemnified from burning his place down (I kid, but I wish I weren't :/).

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