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+ - Free, Secure VPN solution

Submitted by BrianCaulkins
BrianCaulkins writes: I'm a Windows user who would like to use a VPN solution to access my home network for when I'm on the road. I've looked into a few open source solutions such as openVPN but some people are saying it's not very secure because it's a SSL VPN. Are there any suggestions for what I could use for a free, secure VPN solution?

+ - The Life of the Chinese Gold Farmer->

Submitted by The-Bus
The-Bus writes: Julian Dibbell has written a great article for the New York Times Magazine on the life of Chinese gold farmers. It's a great read and has a lot of very interesting tidbits, from comparing the potential size of the economy of MMO games and the GDP of Bolivia, to a Stanford scholar who found similarities between contemporary anti-gold-farmer rhetoric and 19th-century U.S. literature on immigrant Chinese laundry workers.
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