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Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 34

If she publicly admitted to having classified information go through her private email server

I'm sorry; we're talking about a lawyer.

Who hasn't been licensed to practice law in how long? Sure, she practiced law after finishing law school, but that was some time ago. You can label her as a lawyer but that is not the most meaningful label here. We don't label George HW Bush as a CIA director when discussing him...

Please explain why you think she would admit to, well, anything.

The server logs and server contents have been released for analysis. You don't need her to admit to anything, the information will show if it handled classified information or not. You insist that it had, even though you have not a single shred of evidence to support that notion.

Nor do I think anything resembling "justice" will ever be applied to her case.

Then why do you keep expending so much energy into this conspiracy if you are so certain that nothing will come of it? You either don't believe that statement yourself or you really badly need a new hobby.

Whether the past eight years are enough of a cautionary tale to drive the electorate to resist Her Majesty.

What happened in the last years of the Bush Administration that should cause people to subscribe to your belief of Clinton being the Antichrist? I know you are fond of attributing every bad conceivable thing to Obama and/or Clinton, but you could at least follow a semi-logical timeline.

How much difference resistance will make in an era where one is inclined to wonder to what degree elections are just a joke anyway.

I believe you had a phrase that you were fond of when you were on the losing side of a presidential election that you told those of other beliefs... "don't let the door hit you on the way out". Feel free to go find democracies (or non-democracies) in other lands that better fit your belief structure, nobody is stopping you, right? I hear Somalia is exciting this time of year.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 89

It's not?

It is less than racism and oppression of the working class are fundamental tenets to the conservative movements.

However your belief that it is automatically makes your "fallacy" exclusive to those of particular political persuasions. Hence even if it were a valid "fallacy" - and it very much is not - it would not belong with the others as none of the others are exclusive to any particular group of people.

Comment The news wasn't useful on time (Score 1) 101

I was at least 1,000 miles away. Not that I would have been useful there anyways, but the news was initially presented poorly to the rest of us. I was used to seeing hurricane damage coverage from other disasters (Hurricane Andrew comes to mind some years ago) and had come to expect that this would be cleaned up similarly quickly. After about 5 days of coverage on the news, the footage looked like it was all the same, so I stopped paying attention. Then I saw more coverage a couple days later and realized why the footage all looked the same - the people hit by it needed help and weren't getting it. The lack of response was a bit of an embarrassment and travesty.

Some time later the magnitude of lack of recovery had additional international light shed on it by The Top Gear US Special that showed we still had not rebuilt New Orleans years later.

Comment Re:Wait, physics doesn't work either? (Score 1) 200

No. That is not how psychology works.

Certainly not. Since psychology doesn't work. Period.

It is a safe bet that if you are willing to make such a sweeping and silly generalization that you haven't studied psychology yourself much - if at all. You encounter successful applications of psychology in your daily life regularly without realizing it, and the influence of psychology on other sciences is also significant.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 89

You are trying to establish a "fallacy" that can never apply to you, in spite of the fact that no fallacy on the site currently exists in such a narrow focus.

I am? Help me understand in what way you think that this is actually occurring.

It is in the very quote you used in your JE. You said yourself that it is all about redistribution, which you claim to be a central tenet of "leftism".

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 34

You don't need to refer to facts to which she has publicly admitted

If she publicly admitted to having classified information go through her private email server, then it should be very easy for you to cite a reference where she said that. This is what I have been asking you repeatedly to do; the fact that you keep avoiding the question supports the notion that you know she has never said it happened.

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