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Comment: Controlls and Safeguards (Score 1) 247

by Ansuru (#1617427) Attached to: Monsanto Agrees Not to Sell "Terminator" Seeds
Biotechnology has many other issues that go beyond its face value. The issue of cross-pollination, and monster genes getting into other crops has been touched on here.

I would like to see genetically engineered crops that do not produce pollen. I would like to see them go a step beyond including genes which kill seeds, and ensure that other strains and clones of plants to not get corrupted through cross-pollination.

Before you work yourself into a hissy about poor farmers being forced to buy new crops every year, hear me out. I would also like to see the biotechnology companies initially sell a crop at a decent price that will compensate them for their R&D, but then in subsequent years, sell the same seeds for a greatly reduced price. Subsequent radical improvements would be bought again, but farmers would be able to use genetically engineered seeds without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money each year.

There needs to be some sort of controls over what happens when some of the more radical crops start being used. I would hate to see widespread ecological damage because an engineer was too busy 'improving' a plant to think about the possible repercussions. Hopefully some sort of 'insurance' in the form of sterile plants can be used, without bankrupting farmers.

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