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Comment: Re:Free market will fix this (Score 1) 259

by AnonymouseClown (#29525699) Attached to: ISP Mistakenly Emails Customer Database To Thousands
Be* have the same no-contention / no limits service as demon but for less money and without fuckups like this, their tech support even has an IRC channel with REAL LIFE techies with actual power to fix stuff. i haven't needed it yet but i idle in there and it gives me massive peace of mind. i'd highly recommend them

Comment: Re:Get stuffed BBC (Score 2, Informative) 267

by AnonymouseClown (#29449983) Attached to: BBC Wants DRM On HD Broadcasts
they aren't reducing analogue power to make it look bad, they're doing it in accordance with the plan that's been set for about 10 years as part of the switch over. freeview and analogue share frequencies so in essence it's one or the other. freeview power on my local mast is currently at 20% of the total - solely so that it doesn't interfere with analogue too much. i can't wait until they switch off analogue completely so that they finally have the bandwidth to display stuff at full power and with far more HD channels. as much as you might like to think it's a conspiracy it's actually for good technical reasons.

Comment: Re:You're obliged to pay for it (Score 1) 267

by AnonymouseClown (#29449873) Attached to: BBC Wants DRM On HD Broadcasts
i agree, everything BBC has suffered greatly recently. their news is demonstrably biased propaganda, their comedy lost all humour years ago and is now just an endless series of sketch shows commissioned from the most popular people at the time. note: not the most popular comedians. just the most popular.

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