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Comment: We are know large companies screen out Americans.. (Score 1) 253

HR in Fortune 1000 to 100 exist solely to protect the company from lawsuits, and to screen out qualified Americans in favor of cheaper Visa riders looking for a path to citizenship. I know of a fella from Russian who quit his job 1 hour after securing his citizenship...walked off the job without so much as a fuck you. Americans get screwed out of gainful employment, immigrants flood the market and bring their families over to suck on the govt teet, and the shareholders are happy they get their dividends while the unemployment/disability rolls continue to climb. I can't wait to get rid of Obama's America and go back to Reagan's America.

Comment: I think it's halarious (Score 1) 130

by AnonymousCoward1998 (#48315155) Attached to: American Express Seeks To Swap Card Numbers For Secure Tokens
folks here in the upper 1% of collective intelligence are arguing about what's the best method for the Oligarchs to track us, our purchases, and our movements. Screw accounts, numbers, tokens, plastic, binary 1's and 0's in a computer....Why not barter our time and talents? Why not use cash? Why force small retailers to pay for a transaction some financial entity has no business profiting from, much less knowing about. I pay cash for just about everything, and the things I do purchase electronically are done with prepaid cards. I don't wear a tin foil hat, but the less the banksters, Oligarchs, and hackers know about me...the better.

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 3) 194

by AnonymousCoward1998 (#46436817) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update
One of my customers says Windows 8 is for people dumb enough to put their "stuff" in the cloud. I'd say that's about right. Lower the intelligence level required and get more data from the consumer. Kind of like dumbing down the curriculum and tests in school, because certain kids don't score well.

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