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Comment: Re: Very original (Score 1) 47

Not with a fan that size. and I highly doubt that a HEPA filter and a fan works. you need significant air pressure behind the fan to get any real filtering volume.

Honestly people buying cheap pleated paper furnace filters and doubling them up over their windows will be more effective. when it can filter 50CFM then I'll be impressed. and that will be for a very small one that can barely keep up with air leakage of a tiny apartment.

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Comparable particle counts HOW? right up against the filter? What about over time? Zero details except you MUST go to his workshop for $33 to find out... Fishy...

I have a rock that keeps tigers away, My most recent tiger count shows zero so it's as good as a $10,000 tiger cage.

Need real data, full information on how the test was done and for how long. Anything else is made up BS or misinformation.

Comment: Re:USB 4.x to offer signed USB device signatures?? (Score 1) 80

by Lumpy (#47574793) Attached to: "BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil"

All you need to do is have the USB drive mounted by a locked down device. Example, RasPi set to read only on the OS and disable everything all it does is mounts the USB drive and then offers up the contents via the network.

I dont care what you have in the USB stick it will not auto run and infect. then your can look at the contents with another pc via the network and see the real contents or even run automated tests on it before it is available to the users machine.

It is not hard to make something that will stop this crap.

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by Lumpy (#47566531) Attached to: Comcast Confessions

If you think they will not modify that agreement when the time comes to renew it, you are silly. in my town it was a requirement to carry public channels and OTA local channels unencrypted. They simply had their lawyer remove that from the last one they signed.

when your town is ran by a bunch of morons (only morons want to be politicians in power) you get this kind of stuff happening. And 99.976% of all american cities and towns have complete drooling morons in charge.

The mayor here is so stupid he demanded they pass a law making it a felony to say anything bad about him. And then threw a fit when everyone told him that will never happen.

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