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Comment Re:The man is a marketing genius (Score 1) 207

Hey! My '98 V70 is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. It does not drive like a tank, more like a well worn-in Lay-Z-Boy.

Not saying that the sample lot was all that high-end, well there was the '96 Mazda Millennia, that was a nice car too.

I happen to like the way the V70 looks. This may explain why my wife picks my clothes when we go out, and makes me take the 2001 Volvo S60.

Comment Re:Boulder/Denver, CO; Lincoln, NE & Bozeman, (Score 1) 464

I have to support a small office of two dozen aerospace engineers in Belgrade, MT and travel there a few times a year. I was quite surprised to find a very decent selection of places to go in downtown Bozeman. Good food and drink, friendly people too. A bit right leaning for me but growing up in Yakima I know how to deal with that. It was that one trip when it was -20 degrees that would keep me from moving there. But if you like the outdoors and four real seasons a year, it's a place to put on the list.

Comment Re:Big Trouble (Score 1) 66

I was moving from Yakima (Eastern Washington) to Seattle that morning and wondered why the sky was so black to the south going over the pass. Didn't know until I got unpacked and Walter Cronkite was telling me that the town I grew up in and left that morning was now covered in several inches of volcanic ash. http://media.kimatv.com/images...

Comment Re:Choice paralysis (Score 1) 358

Also wanted to add that co-opting the fringe primarily seems to be happening with one party (i.e., the GOP), and that is reflected in the election results.

However, please bear in mind that in terms of political views, the US is also more conservative than the rest of western society.

What is considered left in the US would be considered pretty moderate or even center-right in many parts of the world.

In may ways, co-opting the extreme right (e.g., the tea party) and some of the libertarian values reflect this reality.

Comment Re:Choice paralysis (Score 1) 358

It may be what you prefer, but empirical studies of choice have shown that most people's choices fall along a median, and success is often the result of trying to accommodate one side of the median and most of the median.

It's the same with consumer products, and it's the same with elections.

All systems lean towards simplicity, and the more mature a system is (i.e., it's been around for longer), the more strong parties coalesce towards the median.

Comment Re:Without government... (Score 0) 471

You know the only thing worse than an Uber driver? A hippie bicyclist complaining about the Uber drivers.

Free market, bro. Surge pricing works because there is a limited availability, high demand, and the company is charging what they can get away with.

Scheduling pickups? As someone who travels every week, I can certainly relate to this. But then what's stopping you from canceling and just paying the $5 fine or whatever? Or what happens if Uber is unable to have a driver pick you up? Given the complexity involved in scheduling systems, they probably find it easier to do "point in time" scheduling, which works for their business model. 80/20, and the number of folks who want to schedule are much, much smaller and the effort required to arrange for it is probably significantly larger.

Seriously, though. I am glad that Uber is here to disrupt the cab industry, with their dirty cabs, rude drivers, and propensity to hate credit cards.

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