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Comment Re: Timothy's Revenge (Score 2) 229

Yeah Bill, some advice from someone that waited until Thursday to sign up for an account unlike those of us that saw the future and signed up on Tuesday back 18 years ago!

I agree totally with what you say, but, like me, you are still in the comments here. We are both sad bastards. Can I buy you a drink sometime?

Comment Re:This will sound harsh, at first... (Score 3, Interesting) 243

The sad state of things is such that even though they are using H-1B improperly, those affected are mostly college-educated white males.

I disagree. Given the disproportional representation of Asians in STEM fields, I would say that those affected are mostly college-educated Americans - yes, more white than black, but certainly includes Asians and women.

Obviously, this depends on the location (e.g., more Asians in California and East Coast vs. Midwest), but I think this affects all skilled Americans in IT.

And I think the mistake is in characterizing it as something that only affects white people. It's all about narrative -- bring in other groups, then see the magic unfold.

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