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Comment: Scientific evidence on the dangers of RF radiation (Score 0) 432

by Anonymous Cowherd X (#26384729) Attached to: Hippies Say WiFi Network Is Harming Their Chakras
RTFA The Radiation Poisoning Of America. It's based on scientific research done by several reputable scientists and research institutes. Check the NOTES section for a complete list of references.

If you still believe RF radiation is completely harmless within FCC approved exposure limits, consider this:

Current FCC exposure limit in the US:
580 microW / cm^2 = 5.8 W/m^2

Current exposure limits in Russia for the 0.3-178.4 GHz frequency band (as reported by a friend of mine from Russia who works as a telecommunications engineer on cell phone towers and other types of RF equipment):
0.1 W/m^2 - for 24 hours at the most
0.1-1 W/m^2 - for no more than 2 hours
1-10 W/m^2 - for no more than 10 minutes

You may also want to know why Microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976 and read Dr. Mercola's Ten Reasons to Throw out your Microwave Oven.

For even more information check Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi): Consumer Health and Safety Advice.

There you go, scientific evidence as requested.

Comment: Stephane Charpentier's review of 105 PSUs (Score 1, Informative) 223

by Anonymous Cowherd X (#26170145) Attached to: Brand Names Take On Generics In PSU Showdown
This round-up is a joke. If you really want to read a detailed review check out Stephane Charpentier's review of 105 PSUs. Each of his reviews includes everything you'd expect plus a complete assessment of the electronics used in the PSU with very detailed explanations.

Comment: Farewell, Majel Leigh (Score 0) 356

by Anonymous Cowherd X (#26169945) Attached to: Majel Roddenberry Dies At 76
Farewell, Majel Leigh

'tis a sad day
for us to know
that we had to let you go
to a universe beyond our reach.
But fear not, dear Majel Leigh,
for time shall never bleach
your majestic legacy.

What you have said and done
we will cherish for all eternity,
allowing everyone
to live long and prosper in harmony.
Until we meet with you and Gene
keep your spirits up
and we'll keep on working on warp drive
and the time machine.

Comment: Familiar Special Agent (Score 0) 223

by Anonymous Cowherd X (#11575952) Attached to: FBI E-Mail Server Breached

'We use these accounts to communicate with you folks, view internet sites, and conduct other non-sensitive bureau business such as sending out press releases,' Special Agent Steve Lazarus, the FBI's media coordinator in Atlanta, said in an e-mail describing the problem.

Is that the same Special Agent Steve Lazarus who works in the marketing department at Yahoo and who is known for his CIA, FBI and NSA trolls?

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz