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Comment: Openfire (Score 2, Interesting) 360

by cleveland61 (#27484693) Attached to: Internal Instant Messaging Client / Server Combo?

openfire is a jabber based FOSS server.
we use it with AD integration. I haven't implemented it yet, but they have plugins supporting full message transcript.

Spark is the client from the same company and it is jabber only.

If I remember correctly, openfire alos supports being a proxy for all other (most?) IM protocol's so even if someone gets a copy of AIM or whathave you on you network, there server can still log the transcript.

Easy to set up, free and robust.

Comment: Sentence in the Title (Score 3, Funny) 198

by Euphonious Coward (#11248148) Attached to: It's Not About The Technology
I have a simple rule: never touch a book whose title is a full sentence.

It's not obvious why it works so well. My working hypothesis is this: The writer had a message so important that even people who don't touch the book should get it. Where to put it? Cram it into the title. The problem is, if it fits in the title, it doesn't need a book, does it? Furthermore, anybody who's that sure his idea is so important is probably wrong about a lot else. Even if the book says more than the title, we have been given a good reason to distrust it before we open it.

Comment: Re:Goodbye (Score 1) 382

by cleveland61 (#8875920) Attached to: A La Carte Cable TV Channels?
Not necisarily. While the number of channels provided has continued to grow, it is not infinite. Under an a la carte system I still imagine that the cable company has to have the ability to sell you all the channels at once. So if there is not enough demand for what ever niche channel in your area, your cable company still isn't going to bump a more popular channel. In time this will most likely change as bandwidth concerns lessen, but that will still be a while.

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