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Comment: Counterfeits? (Score 1) 858

by AnonymmousCoward (#36142762) Attached to: BitCoin, the Most Dangerous Project Ever?
Wait a minute... The article mentions that if your hardware crashes and you have not "backed up" your bitcoins, then you are SOL and they are gone for good. Sooo if you can actually "backup" or in some way clone your bitcoins, what is stopping you from making infinite copies? As long as one buyer never gets two of the same copy, how will they know the money is counterfeit? Being peer-to-peer there is no centralized server to check dupes against (I assume here).

Did I miss something?

Comment: Incomprehensible size (Score 1) 118

Wow, just zooming in all the way on the photo there is nearly an uncountable number of stars. Zooming out only multiplies the number you can see. I don't know about anyone else, but this makes me feel really really tiny! Even seeing this photo I cannot comprehend how many of these stars and alien solar systems are within our own galaxy. And to think there are numerous other galaxies full of these as well!

Comment: Annoying software IMO (Score 1) 138

by AnonymmousCoward (#36069342) Attached to: Australian Tax Office Seeks Keylogger To Combat RSI
I had similar software installed on my work box. Every now and then it would nag you to take a break because you were typing too much or moving the mouse too much. This software was configured so that it could not be disabled by the normal machine user, and was very annoying with its constant chiming and messages. The one funny part about it though, is that there was a small meter in the task bar that showed your usage level. If you continued to use your mouse and keyboard without a break the meter would fill up over time. We would usually have informal contests to see who could max it out.

Comment: Re:Apart from that Ms. Lincoln... how was the show (Score 2) 48

by AnonymmousCoward (#35909940) Attached to: The Space Station As a Simulated Mars Mission?

"apart from the gravity aspect"

That's not a quickly overlooked triffle.

I would agree, however, the point of the experiment in the aforementioned article was to see if humans could feasibly be confined for a duration of a trip to Mars. The reason gravity is not an issue here is that we already have data from past experience in this domain. Take for example Expedition 14 to the ISS ( This expedition lasted for 215 days, in which two crew members were weightless that entire time. In comparison, this article is talking about spending a week (or few months) in space. This is pale in comparison to anything we have already done, and frankly I don't see the point of it at all. I don't doubt that the space station could be vital in testing planned missions to Mars, but I don't see anything useful coming from this simulation.


+ - Kohler's New Hi-Tech Toilet->

Submitted by WrongSizeGlass
WrongSizeGlass (838941) writes "PCWorld has an article on Kohler's new hi-tech toilet. The Numi comes complete with a detachable touch screen remote; motion-activated lid and seat; integrated air dryer; a heated seat; feet warmers; ambient lighting; built-in speakers with FM radio and an MP3 player input jack. If you have $6,300 to flush down the drain on a toilet this is for you."
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