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Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 3, Informative) 336

Except that it seems not all banks accept that. I tried to warn my bank when I was going travelling for a year & they said the only thing they could do was put a note on my account - that would only be seen when I phoned up to complain about my card being blocked! Completely fucking useless.
In the end I had to just call my bank over Skype after every other transaction, to get them to unblock it again.

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1147

The obvious correlation is that more guns means FEWER gun deaths.

I know, right? The populations in every other developed country in the world are being DECIMATED by their lack of guns. If only there was some way to curb the violence & mass shootings :(

Comment Re:You are right for the wrong reason (Score 1) 317

That supports Chip & PIN!
Keeping in mind this document is 5 years old, even it already shows that all areas of card fraud (including cloning) have dropped drastically & that the abuse facilitated by the States' lack of the technology has shot up to account for nearly 1/4 of the fraudulent transactions across the entire globe.

Comment Re:You are right for the wrong reason (Score 1) 317

I'm afraid you're *very* misinformed. That might possibly have been the case for a short time after the cards were introduced, however for over a decade now online purchases have required part of an online password that is processed & authorised through a direct connection with your bank. If you don't know the requested characters of your online password, you can't complete the transaction.
South America has also had support for the system for the best part of a decade - even fucking Bolivia has it as standard. Seriously, the US seems to be one of the last places in the world still dragging their feet in catching up with modern civilisation.

It means today, pretty much the only way fraudsters are able to get into your bank account are by filming you entering your PIN at an ATM, piecing your password together via a keylogger on your computer (your password is never requested in full), ir simply conning people the old-fashioned way.

Comment Re: Naw, it's Doctors (Score 1) 696

Most cyclists will average around at least 20mph, but the point is drivers doing stupid things leave you dead, whilst not being able to squeeze past a cyclist might delay you by an extra 5 minutes.
YOU may be a conscientious driver, but there are enough idiots on the roads that a cyclist has to be defensive. A mistake on a bike can mean a few bruises, a mistake in a car will kill people. 2 tons travelling at 60mph is a *lot* of energy.

The average weight of a car is 4079 pounds, or 1850.2kg. 60mph is 26.8metres/s.
So, if ke = ½ mv...

1850.2 * 26.8 = 1,328KJ ...and let's say 100KG for your average cyclist & bike. (20mph = 8.9metres/s)
100KG * 8.9 = 8KJ

That's a huge fuckton of difference that a large majority of drivers tend to take for granted.

Comment Re:Someday? (Score 1) 124

loads'a bollocks

The royal family as a *whole* is worth a lowly $1 Billion USD. The monarchy itself is worth less than half of that.
Today, they mostly exist as a cultural icon that's popular with tourists & looks after a couple of old estates. Perhaps doing the occasional ambassadorial visit.
Since the enactment of parliament, they are expected to remain politically impartial. The next prince in line to the thrown has stood out recently, as he's caused a lot of controversies of late after it was discovered he had been writing to people in parts of government - the topics were quite banal, but as an unelected official, he's been strongly criticised for "meddling" in the country's affairs.

Even the annual "Queen's Speech" is written by the sitting government.
If the royals were seen to be interfering in politics, they'd meet the wrath of both the government and the populace.

Comment Re:Limits of storage / human perception (Score 1) 109

In a future of unlimited storage & compute power, we'd no longer use MP3 - or any other compressed file format for that matter. Everything would be lossless.
It's not a question of us being able to tell the difference, but unnecessarily degrading data.

Also, as mentioned above, our media will probably start including things such as depth & other environmental data. True VR will require much more than a simple 3D projection & stereo audio.

Comment Re:Sure it can work (Score 1) 418

For what it's worth, Americans actually pay *more* for their welfare than many European countries, and yet get much less for it. From what I see, your government's generally prohibited from making social care more efficient because it hurts the profits of the private companies suckling on the public teat & "ohnosocialism!".

Comment Re:Puzzling (Score 1) 46

Not so much a malfunction as a poor configuration in the face of unexpected circumstances. The comet was apparently *much* softer than planned for, so the pressure sensors didn't pass the threshold to activate.
They were expecting rock, when in fact, they landed in a big pile of dust. Depending on the design of the harpoons, even if they had been triggered in that situation, they might not have had much to hold on to.

Comment Re:I'm against ad-blocking on a network level (Score 1) 327

You must be visiting too many porn & crapware sites then, because my experience has been distinctly different from yours.
Of course, you're mostly blowing hot air, because as by your own admission you have everything blocked anyway - you don't see any of it in the first place.

I've never had anything silently installed by flash or anything else on my browser. I got bitten a by search bar once, but only because I stupidly installed some shitware off SourceForge (RIP). It was hardly a surprise.

You're also highly unlikely to see any adult ads on any reasonably frequented gaming site. If you'd worked with ANY commercial sites yourself in the past DECADE, you'd know that.
With the exception of, again, adult & crapware sites, all advertising is now targeted - it's more profitable for the client, it's more profitable for the advertiser, it's more profitable for the site & it's less annoying to the user. And the base line for targeting is aiming at that particular site's audience. So no, you're not going to be finding any adult content on kids' sites.

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