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Comment: Re:Looks fancy and all, but... (Score 1) 66

by Anonymatt (#43791937) Attached to: So You've Always Wanted a Hovercraft... (Video)

You mentioned hovercraft combat.

One time I was being chased by this maniac in a hovercraft. He even ran me over on the beach. I got some sand in my mouth, but I was unharmed. He chased me all through town. Eventually I grabbed a sword from an antiques shop and commandeered a Lamborghini. Playing chicken with the hovercraft, I swerved at the last moment and was able to slice up its tender bits. So hovercrafts are quite vulnerable to swords. I still was pretty lucky though.

Comment: Re:Utopian playland (Score 1) 150

by Anonymatt (#43767015) Attached to: Wired Writer Imagines Google Island

Uh, I thought the end of Manna was unnerving.

Basically the character submits to a control system that he has no reason to trust except for that his tour guide is an easy lay. He is able to opt out of this system, but he is still walking around with a kill switch in his neck.

I don't know if that's the feeling Marshall intended. The first half with it being a cautionary tale of citizens ending up as wards of a robo-state seems to make enough sense (he makes it seem dystopian), but having this crime-free control system at the end (he makes it seems utopian) just seems irrelevant beyond the scope of a story about complete industrial automation.

Comment: Re:Politics or Video Games. (Score 2) 70

by Anonymatt (#43569697) Attached to: Wolfram Alpha Drills Deep Into Facebook Data

Yeah, though I'm all for gay marriage, I'm also like "You guys used to be practically illegal and now you want to be put on the official list of gays?" I know that people publicly proclaiming their rights is an important step for ending persecution for all time, but obviously others are much more optimistic and less cynical than me. (This is also a funny idea to bring up at parties or on the Internet.) And it's way off topic.

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