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Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

Always be skeptical. Actually, the rhetoric is usually against, "the media," but I'm trying to hedge against you saying, "but what about Fox News?"

Trust but verify to the best of your ability. I listened to some Ann Coulter on Hannity's radio show with someone else filling in for him on my holiday drive. They couldn't go more than 45 seconds without bashing some other media source. Have fun with that group, guy. I'll take the, "mainstream," NYT, LAT, and local news over those fools, and Fox News.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

It's few and far between, unlike the never ending refrain from every Republican politician. Conservative media teaches distrust of the mainstream, while liberal media, which may levy a complaint once in a blue moon, doesn't make it a central issue.

Did you even read the Pew Poll? Democrats/liberals are less likely to simply buy this argument from any source, because they don't have that massive trust issue.

You've already demonstrated your complete lack of statistical intuition. If you're not going to believe the actual statistics, you are simply living in a fantasy world.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

Dems do not make it a central tenant of their entire existence to bitch about the media.

Did you not hear Marco Rubio say the "mainstream media" is the biggest SuperPAC in the world for the Dems? Did you not watch the debate, where Ted Cruz got the loudest cheers of the night for bitching about CNBC's questions?

Since you apparently don't pay attention, and you can't google for yourself, here are some articles:

Pay attention. It's not just that the entire Republican constituency thinks the media is out to get them, it's that their biggest politicians get points for crying like little babies over things like this, with Trump, and Cruz.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

Republicans have made part of their very being; their lifeblood, and one of their most central themes - that "the media" or "mainstream media" is out to get them. It drives conservatives to distrust most media sources (google Pew Media Polarization)

They are right in a sense - most media outlets absolutely try to drive a narrative, exaggerate, and push for viewers and clicks when they can.

But they do it selectively, in all directions, against whoever. And Democrats do not complain, in part b/c liberals don't want to hear the excuses, and conservatives would just scream even louder about media bias.

That is why all that is required is skepticism. Always. Even when Republicans are bitching about the media like the parent of this thread. It's BS to say this event wasn't covered accurately, and if Trump wants to backpedal, that's on him, not this reporter.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

I think you're getting it. The Republican party needs to stop blaming the media for its politician's bullshit. He's weaseling out with a very specific lob, shooting the messenger, introducing uncertainty and distrust of the media.

Everybody should always remain skeptical, but the Republican party gets this get out of jail free card where they get to blame the media, claim superiority over the facts, and suffer no consequences among their base for their extraordinary bullshit.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 2) 575

What do you mean he's advocating for something that congress would never pass? Is he advocating something, or not?

Blaming the media for stupid shit that politicians say is something that every politician would absolutely love. Don't blame the media, blame Trump's lack of comprehension if you want to go easy on him. Blaming somebody other than them lets them off the hook, allows them to be sloppy, and, worse, if he actually meant this, it lets him play both sides of the coin. In that case, it is both red meat for the bigots, and an appeal to the media persecution complex that has so pervaded the Republican party it is now their default.

Blame Trump for his own sloppiness, or, like Ben Carson, they'll be intentionally sloppy and then play it off later.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

There is no misinterpretation. The video link, for the umpteenth time:

What else will you allow politicians to say and then allow them completely off the hook? The reporting is the reporting. His words are there. If he clarifies or backpedals later, do not shoot the messenger who gave the first reports.

You are shooting the messenger who reported his initial words. That's a well-known Republican tactic that has been used over and over again this political season. By contrast, Democrats will clarify or backpedal but they will rarely if ever say the initial reports were biased, and evidence that the whole world is against them.

We should probably bring in more context at this point. Marco Rubio says the mainstream media is the biggest SuperPAC in the world for the Democrats. That is so absurd, but it got so many cheers in the last debate. Does that lend any extra context to what you are doing here?

To summarize: the initial reports were not inaccurate by any means. The video link is there. Republicans blame the media to get away with all manner of bullshit, and you are both apparently ignorant of the tactic, and an enabler by promoting a bullshit counter-narrative to Trump's database of Muslims.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

You posted the following question:

"Who said anything about media persecution?"

I answered it thusly: "The thread you are posting in is titled, 'Liberal misinformation.'"

There is an answer to your question buried in there somewhere. I get that you apparently do not like the fact that you are feeding a well-defined Republican persecution complex, but you asked a question (see the quote), and then I answered it (see my quote below it).

Was that answer not sufficient? Do you not yet know, "who said anything about media persecution"? Either way, I would also like to invite you to look literally anywhere else in this /. posting. Every other post is complaining about the reporting. Trump said what he said, do not try to shoot the messenger. Republicans would absolutely love to get away with all their bullshit with that simple out.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

The thread you are posting in is titled, "Liberal misinformation." Did you somehow miss that part? That would, once again, show a deficiency in reading comprehension consistent with my assessment that you cannot follow a multifaceted conversation, and thus are vulnerable to the media persecution ruse.

The media persecution ruse indicated, once again, in this "liberal misinformation" thread in which you are currently participating.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

I never said he was either a stooge or a super genius. This may be the first conversation you have participated in because you clearly can't tell what is actually being said, you're whaling away at some imagined argument.

I will link the video for you again, because you are talking about a transcript, despite the fact that a primary source is right there at your fingertips:

You keep it up, though. Enough people are willing to pretend they have all the facts themselves, and the mainstream media is just out to get Republicans. I do not think I am winning over many people, but it should be clear to anybody reading this conversation, who has any experience with critical thinking, that you are not following it correctly.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

I'm talking about YOU. Again, it seems more clear now than ever that you buy the media persecution ruse because you're not able to follow a conversation with any meaningful depth.

If you are drunk, I can understand. In fact, I would prefer to hear that you are under the influence of something right now. It would explain a lot.

Comment Re: MySQL, postgres, SqlServer, or Oracle? (Score 1) 575

"Do not believe this vicious attack by the mainstream media, even though they have clear video evidence. I was talking about systemvinit when the words 'Trump' and 'all' were spoken by somebody, I don't know who. Penguins really like me, I am popular with many different Peanuts characters. We need a firewalld. #Trump2016"

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

Okay, watch the video link, and try to note what was actually said (the words that were actually spoken):

The story is being reported correctly. He said what he said, there is no need for a conspiracy theory.

If you are willing to believe the never-ending Republican refrain that they are being persecuted by the mainstream media, then you're simply willing to look past what they actually say, on camera, an example of which is right there in the link. That will help them. It's a dullard's belief system. It lets them off the hook for saying very stupid shit.

So you are in their camp for that, but Trump also gets points for tossing some flesh to their extremely bigoted base. I never once said this was bad for Trump. He'll get a boost from this for all the wrong reasons, of which you are one very, very dismissive, dissembling example.

Comment Re:Liberal misinformation (Score 1) 575

Because you, like Trump, were formulating your responses in the context of the following question:

Hillyard: Should there be a database or system that tracks Muslims in this country?

Tracking people of a specific religion is something Hitler would do. I am starting to think that the reason so many people fall for the Republican's media persecution ruse is that you're really just a little too stupid to follow what's going on in a conversation.

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