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Comment Re:What doesn't kill bitcoin will make it stronger (Score 2) 71

I dont agree. It was in the mid 200's (235-240) before the hype and big jump in price. It reached a high dollar amount, which is way above the valuation that bitcoin could sustain. After which it has corrected back down to the mid 200's and has held there for the last year.

I would say that the long term trend is flat with a slow rise, I also expect to see another large spike when and if the hype picks back up.

Comment Re:Honest question (Score 2, Informative) 94

Ill give an honest response from my point of view. NOTE: I am a Unix/Linux admin and only use windows on the work desktop.

Exchange does provide better integration between things like lync, office, calendar, etc. When talking to a homogeneous environment of windows desktops. I have not seen anything that suggests it is easier to administer, or that it is more stable. I also know that you require more exchange servers than Unix MTA servers for a given load. In that I mean, if you are handling 50,000 users and over 1,000,000 emails in a 24 hour period, you are looking at multiple exchange servers. Where as I have done the above in a single Unix MTA.

So IMHO, when working with a homogeneous office environment of windows desktops. Sure go with exchange. When you have a heterogeneous environment you will have some issues. I would also not suggest that you put an exchange server on the Internet without a bunch of protection. In most cases the MTA in the DMZ is a sendmail or postfix server that is secured and relays through the DMZ to the exchange server.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 1) 175

Read the above again, I am saying the land owner, business owner, home owner, car owner, etc. has the right. Not you and not me, We can only decide if we want to go there, or do business with them.

You are the one who seems to think you have the right to tell other people what to do with their property.

Freedom is a box. This is my box and I control it, that is your box and you control it. What I do in my box is my business and what you do in yours is your business. You can not tell me what to do in my box and I can not tell you what to do in yours.

BTW, there is no freedom from smells. Get out of NY City and onto a farm and you lean that very quickly.

Comment Solution (Score 3, Interesting) 47

"products like new and sustainable building materials; low-emission transportation fuels; and alternative chemical products that can be used to make everything from clothing and running shoes, to safer, stronger automobiles and breakthrough medicines."

Hemp sequesters more CO2 than almost all other plants at 22 tons per Hectare.

From it you can make

Building Materials
Diesel fuel
Cooking oil
The list goes on!

From some select strains of the plant you can make lots of different medicines.

Now that I have provided the answer to your question, I request that you donate the award to the repeal of these stupid drug laws.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 1) 175

What I am saying is that you dont have the right to tell others how to live there life or how to run there business just because you want to go there.

As such, what you think are public spaces are not, they are private spaces that are used by the public and the private owners have the right to do as they see fit with their space. Just as a business has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason they see fit.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 1) 175

You have the right to object to it (Freedom of speech) No issue there.

Places like Restaurants, Bar's, Shopping Mall's, etc. are privately owned. IMO they have the right to decide how they want there property used. Thus they can decide to be smoking or not / and you can decide to utilize there space or not.

Outside, well if you dont like it tough shit. You dont have to stand next to me, there is lots of open space on the planet. You can move.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 1) 175

Wow, the stupid is strong in this one.

#1 and #2 are on your own property. If you want your property to be smoke free, *thumps up* go for it, that is your right.
#3 is bull shit, driving a car is a privilege not a freedom. That is why you have a license by the state to operate it.

#4) you state: "my freedom to breathe clean air, some vaping or smoking asshole's freedumb to choke everyone around them with their poison"

Wow, just wow. You dont have a freedom to breath clean air. You can however breath all the clean air you want, on your own property and/or in your own house. There is no right to breath clean air. When you exit your house you dont get the choice. It is taken away by that car you drive, the diesel rig that passed you on the highway, The mold growing in your office A/C etc.etc.

If you dont like my smoke or vapor, you do have the right to travel so you can go somewhere else.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 4, Informative) 175

They contain,

food grade vegetable glycerin
food grade propylene glycol
food grade Flavoring agents

Some people will use lab grade which just designates the purity of the substance.

Many point to the flavoring agents as the unknown in the mix. Most are simple essential oils extracted from the plant to provide flavoring. For example, a cool mint e-cig juice will contain a spearmint essential oil.

In most cases, finding out what is in the juice is as simple as reading the list of ingredients on the bottle or the makers website.

All of the ones I have seen stick to stuff that is consumed by people regularly. They dont want the risks of using something that is not food safe.

Comment Re:wrong quest (Score 1) 67

He said "bring the best technology to their business" Not to the masses.

Using your CNC machine example, did you choose the most expensive CNC machine with the flashiest brochure or did you research and find the one at the best cost that would do the job you needed it to do?

Your CNC machine is integral to your guitar business. Without it you can not make guitars. That makes your business dependent on it, not only working, but being reliable and stable. Making a bad purchasing decision on the CNC machine could hurt your business and destroy any chance of an ROI.

Just as making a bad decision on Computer Technology can hurt a business or destroy any chance of an ROI.

Comment Not hard (Score 1) 508

Go to the source (China)

7" Android tablet ($25.73)


Tablet case with built in keyboard ($4.97)


Under $35 and they are usable, my wife and daughter have used them a lot. ;)

I have several around the house used for general browsing, remote controls for the Kodi systems, and e-book readers.

Comment Re:Disturbing (Score 5, Informative) 233

It's not that we are denying it. It's that we have seen it before.

Windows NT was going to eliminate the need for corporate IT. It is so simple that the secretary can manage the system. (Yes, Microsoft sales used that as a selling point)

Central server management was going to eliminate corporate IT. It would be so simple you just have to hire a person to push a button and the problem is fixed.

Self Healing systems are going to eliminate the need for Corporate IT. The systems will detect an issue and heal without the need for IT personnel.

Outsourcing to India will eliminate the need for Corporate IT. You outsource all your systems and management to a data center and share the cost of the infrastructure while getting the best of the best to work on it.

Now, Clouds are going to eliminate the need for Corporate IT.

History shows that each has been wrong. Dont misunderstand, each did some small part of what they claimed but over time it all becomes more expensive and less productive.

Clouds are no different!

Comment Re:Career Is But A Quait Concept Now (Score 4, Informative) 233

This is an IT Management issue that I am hoping someone will realize is a huge drain on the budget.

1) New IT manager arrives with vision of how he is going to improve IT
2) Hires new staff to realize that vision
3) Trains new staff. ($$$)
4) Is promoted in 2 to 3 years into a new higher position.
5) New IT Manager arrives with new vision of how he is going to improve IT
6) Decides the company needs "New Blood" in IT and proceeds to lay off old IT staff.
7) Hires new staff to realize that vision (In most cases paying %10-%30 more to get new staff due to salary changes over the years)
8) Trains new staff. ($$$)
9) Is promoted in 2 to 3 years into a new higher position.
10) Rinse and Repeat.

Each round you loose the knowledge of what was tried, and failed, before and what worked for the business need. I have seen new managers come into a company and decide to revamp the whole system with no review of ROI, TCO, or even the understanding that completely retooling the environment will be cost prohibitive.

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