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I have a 1923 German 8mm Mouser Sniper rifle. I paid $90 for it several years ago and at 100 yards with hand loaded matched ammo I can create a single 8mm hole in the target with the first round and put the next 5 rounds through the same hole. At 200 yards I keep a pattern under .25in.

Low cost accurate rifles are available.

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the explicit purpose of guns is to harm others, in this case creatures inclusive. but how many hunters are there? and how many pistols? and how many assault rifles? you don't need 16 rounds to take down a deer, or a handgun. the explicit purpose of guns that aren't meant for hunting, is for harm, or the threat of harm.

You have never hunted HOG in Texas. Yes we use assault rifles with 30 round clips, we carry a pistol just in case and many of my friends will make sure they have a sharp bayonet on the rifles as well.

Why, because a 300lb HOG can and will kill you with out a second thought. They are dangerous and you go prepared. Sure there are some that go with nothing but a couple of dogs and a knife or with a single rifle. That is there choice.

BTW, we can hunt them with silencers, infra red scopes, at night from a helicopter as well.

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Ok, I went to linux 20 years ago.

I am also in IT, I am a Linux systems engineer. (over 20 years at it, Solaris before that, Sun OS before that, SCO and ATT System 5 before all of it)

I use windows on my work desktop because someone else decided it was the correct solution.

I have listened to management for 20 years demand that "It should be a windows solution" when really the solution should be looked at and choices made based on the merits of the job at hand.

I don't hate Microsoft, I also do not believe that every answer should be to use a Microsoft product. If a tool is a tool then join me and give Linux a try, otherwise you are the one who is not "in the position to speak from knowledge on the subject"

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This is so true! I worked at a company where I set up nagios with event handlers that would fix a lot of issues when they happened and when it could not fix it, the system would txt me to come fix it. Problems and downtime when to almost 0. It is amazing what happens when you have a system that can catch java leaks and restart the tomcat server.

When layoffs came around my boss called me in and told me that I was being laid off because there had not been a major issue in 6 months and they could not justify having more than one Unix admin on staff. As I was the highest paid admin I was the one being let go.

As to your "Finally:" I call BS. The last company I worked for read Gartner and really believed that one admin could manage 900 servers. They missed the part where it was 900 identically configured virtual machines. After they cut head to meet the numbers they could not figure out why we were working 80 hour weeks and people were quitting. Well when you expect one admin to run 900 unix systems that are on average 15 years old, have no underlying management system, and no unified authentication then you get what you deserve and you can holler "Gartner says" all you want to the empty room.

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Strange I thought it was because health insurance is about as useful as tits on a boar.

Explain to me why I pay $12,000 a year for health insurance, then pay for everything up to the first $3,000 of care?

Explain to me why an office visit has a $50 copay, but if I skip the insurance and just pay the doctor with cash from my pocket it is $40 for the same office visit.

If I get in a car accident my car insurance pays for the medical
If I get injured at work, the companies workman's comp insurance pays for the medical.
If I get injured at home the home owners insurance pays for medical.

The only point they seem to cover is if I catch some rare terminal disease, then they will cover it tell the find a reason to drop me. So why should I pay for that privilege?

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The constitution gives the government the privilege of collecting taxes via the 16th amendment
(People have rights, governments have privileges granted to them by the consent of the governed.)

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

And via Article 1 which states

“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and General Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”

So, tell me which of those two limited cases allows the government to collect a tax with the intent of returning it as a tax credit after you do what they tell you?

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I was born and raised in Texas, and you are full of shit!

Sure, they argue and do not teach sex ed in some schools because of the religious idiots but every kid out there can get condoms. As simple as walking into any 7-11 and paying for them. For the record, I had no issue doing it 30 years ago and my kids had no issue doing it in the last couple of years.

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You are right if you are talking about the bitcoin wallet. The Transaction ID was used by there web software to credit the DB entry for the persons account. That is where the breakdown was. Not in the wallet software but in the web interface. The transaction ID would come in and the web site would update the database for the persons account. The bitcoin wallet would invalidate the transaction but the website would not.

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That was not the error they were dealing with and there is no way for you to spend someone elses bitcoin.

The issue as I understand it, is that someone was forging a transaction ID on an existing deposit or withdraw. Thus tricking the system into transferring the coin a second time. So they had a pool of coins that everything went into and came out of. If I deposit 25btc into the account there system credits my account 25btc. If I withdraw 25btc then it debts my account. All of this keyed to the bitcoin transaction ID. If I forge that transaction ID taking the same 25btc deposit packet and send it again with the forged transaction ID. There system would credit my account a second time, even though the coins were never deposited into the pool. I could then withdraw 50btc, which would come out of the pool of coins because there system thinks I have more btc than what is really there. The only way they would have caught it is if they did a month end and reconciled the numbers in there web system to the number in there btc pool wallet. Which they should have been doing EVERY MONTH!

In simple terms balancing the books is.
You take the account total at start of month.
You take and apply the debts and credits to the total.
You validate that the total you have come up with is the same as the account total
You sign off on the total for the month and close out the month locking it from change.

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It tells me they were not following accounting principals and balancing the books at the end of the month. (Which I suspected long ago when I closed my account with them)

Any company that I question the accounting practices on is one that I run from screaming. Stocks, jobs, bitcoins, does not matter.

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