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Comment Re:Historical data (Score 1) 23

In Oregon, the reason voters set yearly minimum wage increases into law was precisely to increase the buying power of the poor and increase the local food movement economy, thus revitalizing an agricultural sector that was dying due to Chilean imports.

The down side- it makes our workforce less elastic. We continually trail unemployment nationally by two points, and we're the first to suffer from a recession and the last to recover from it.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 166

Which in and of itself is an imposition of morality. You consider the imposition of morality to be so evil that you're willing to impose YOUR morality on others.

Your judgment that others are bigots is in and of itself an imposition of morality.

Comment Re:It's the lawyers, not the convict (Score 4, Insightful) 108

Fortunately the kind of people who become lawyers really have no moral fortitude anyway and are in fact sell-outs to begin with ... and unfortunately we have a lot of those kinds of people ... who when then elect to run the government ... which then make more laws to require more lawyers and ... welcome to one of the reasons America is so fucked up and FISA not only was contemplated but actually exists ...

Seems to me putting a lawyer in a position where s/he can make laws is a conflict of interest.

Though every time I post this it gets argued and modded down.

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