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Comment: Re:Morons ... (Score 3, Insightful) 171 171

I would guess that the intent is not to make it to court.

The intent is probably to run lots of discovery and waist time tell the guy runs out of money and eventually agrees to settle by giving them the domain.

This is the kind of thing I would love to see the EFF grab and do pro-bona.

Comment: Might read the whole thing yourself (Score 1) 15 15

Took me about 4 hours:

I think if you read the whole thing, you'll find he's a pretty equal opportunity offender, sexual libertarians got a good hundred paragraphs against their lifestyle as well.

Comment: Re:Boo hoo... (Score 2) 814 814

In May 1862, Abraham Lincoln overturned an order issued by General David Hunter that would have freed every slave across vast swaths of the southern Atlantic coast.

That was after he was made president and 1 year into the civil war.

He is not the man you think he is and revising history to make him some grand savior is BS.

Comment: Re:Boo hoo... (Score 5, Informative) 814 814

Enemy oppressor?

Every slave ship sailing from Africa to the USA sailed under the US flag.
For over 100 years of slavery, it was all done under the US flag.

Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election, His name was not even on the ballot in 10 states. There were only 33 states at the time so close to 1/3 of the states did not have him on the ballot and he still won. That was the key that started the whole civil war! An election that even today would cause riots, to have a candidate win when he was not even on the ballot in 1/3 of the states!

Yes racial tensions were high and yes the south decided to make slavery a key point of there cause, but when the Civil war broke out it was not all about slavery. Abraham Lincoln himself was "Anti-Slavery" meaning against slavery's expansion, however he was not calling for immediate emancipation.

"I say that we must not interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists, because the constitution forbids it, and the general welfare does not require us to do so." -- Abraham Lincoln September 17, 1859: Speech at Cincinnati, Ohio

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

Not fault alone, of course. In many ways, I blame liberals of both stripes- fiscal conservatism these days is strongly libertarian, and thus, liberal.

One said says I want to fuck who I want to and damned the consequences tomorrow, we'll just kill any inconvenient product of sexual abuse. The other side says I want to profit from who I want to and damn the regulations, I am not my brother's financial keeper.

Both are putting radical self interest- liberty ahead of the common good- and liberty is liberalism.

Comment: Re:What an amazing surprise! (Score 2) 181 181

You must be a young kid. Im guessing you dont remember when Ma-Bell ran all the phones in the US and you paid $0.25 a min to call someone that was less than 30 miles away.

Tell me, how much does it cost to call someone 30, 50, or 100 miles away now? Oh wait, it is $0 a min. All from regulating Ma-Bell and having the markets opened.

Kind of killed Phreaking with $0 a min long distance. lol

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

A huge part of the reason that America has turned leftwards, is because the Republican party has chosen to prioritize fiscal conservationism over social conservationism. Family no longer comes first for most of the Republican leadership, as shown in their marital woes.

The Democrats were always going to go Left, at least the Republicans *could* have given us another choice.

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