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Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 662

The reason most people use ad blockers is to keep their browsers actually running in a good manner. With HTML5/Javascript framework advertising clients, the issue of the browser eating more and more clock cycles until the operating sytem locks up has just gotten worse. It's more noticeable on lower powered machines like cell phones and tablets, but I even see it on Core I5 machines, especially if there isn't enough memory.

This idea that you can push all the processing to the client and not pre-render anything for your advert is rediculous.

Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 0) 554

Here are some things science is settled on:

The earth being round.

The earth is not round http://www.scientificamerican....

The earth orbiting the sun.

Technically, the earth does not orbit the sun. It orbits the central mass of the solar system.

Science IS settled on a lot of issues. AGW is a new one, but something we can do something about (well, 10 years ago).

Just because there is a preponderance of evidence that our explanation of an observed phenomenon is correct, it does not mean the science is settled. It means that we have a good explanation. If a better explanation comes along and it fills in areas where the first did not, we adjust our understanding of the universe and the accepted scientific belief is changed.

Ill add that if you are getting your science from grade school or the news outlets, then you need to realize that you are not reading the science and are instead reading an opinion.

Comment Re:Visual vs wall of code (Score 1) 158

The drag-n-drop languages teach loops and if-then-else trees pretty easily- case statements are a bit harder, but I know of one drag-n-drop language that has them as a feature.

What they don't teach is how do debug 5 levels of CSS on a website. These kids are going to hate coding when they get down to the actual work.

Comment Re:Everybody uses health care (Score 1) 315


Yes I do use health care, however i negotiated with my doctor and pay cash! He gives me better discounts than he gives the insurance companies because

1) He knows he will get paid.
2) He does not have to pay someone to manage the paperwork.
3) He knows it is paid in CASH which is far less hassle than checks, credit, or insurance.

My advantages are

1) When I call him, I am at the front of the line.
2) It is cheaper than paying for insurance.

So I have skin in the game, it comes out of my pocket and I pay for services rendered. You should try it some time and stop asking for handouts from the government. No more long lines, no more rejections from the insurance company, no more problems.

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