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Comment: Re:Tuning it out? (Score 5, Insightful) 254 254

i do use it... but i'd like to see statistics regarding how prevalent it's usage really is. I mean beyond the geek circle :)

my guess is that adbloc isn't really an issue (unless firefox and chrome make it a default plugin).

of course the point that marketing effect on consumer behavior is largely unconcious remains.. so that's the real handicap on this study

Comment: Re:Seems ridiculously easy (Score 2) 41 41

From point A (your house) to point B (your work) there are only a handful of individuals (or only one)... so filtering with some other information (such as trips from point A to C, close to his/her parents) it can be linked to a single individual quite easy.

Comment: Bad statistics are bad (Score 4, Insightful) 254 254

those conclusions are drawn without controling for a language usage. Since c++ is widely adopted so there will be more instances of a comment where "WTF?" is used.

Why don't use a percentage at least? Even if that was the case, the problem remains... a wtf-y language may be the most avoided and/or not present in github

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