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+ - US passport processing delayed worldwide by defective software->

Submitted by Anomalyst
Anomalyst (742352) writes "US passport and visa processing has failed officials reported Wednesday. Travellers have been stranded, over 50K in one country which officials decline to identify they also decline to idenify the issues being encountered "by policy". The database vendor was not identified, nor was the contractor for the database maintenance, (I suspect Oracle in both cases given the magnitude of the failure)"
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Comment: Re:Research yes, insurance and govt NO! (Score 1) 186

I'm too effing lazy to search for it, but wasnt there a study that revealed anonymized data, in many cases (like exhaustive medical details), could be correlated back to an actual person with surprising (>60% IIRC) accurcy using the remaining data? Even if Google were a trustworthy custodian (unlikely) and would refrain from that action, others (e,g, insurance companies, employers) are unlikely to be so scrupulous.

Comment: real life example of asinine policies like this (Score 1) 532

by Anomalyst (#47329753) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks
The breakfast buffet at a nearby casino used to just take my drink order. Now, I am told I cant have a large apple juice for breakfast. So I order 3 small ones instead (which is probably more product than I would have been served with a large, i.e. more cost to them. Hope that wasnt the reason it recently went from $5 to $6.) Does ne1 think the marketdroids wont figure out a 3/$1.11 campaign with a free re-usable carrier to hang them on the car window? Thereby providing 48oz of sugared water, 4oz more than before. I am sure thats the result such femtobrains were seeking.

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