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Comment: Distinct lack of SATA ports (Score 1) 45

by Anomalyst (#49742007) Attached to: Rate These 53 Sub-$200 Hacker SBCs, Win 1 of 20
Only the minnowboardMax [] provides a SATA port and according to the FAQ the SoC doesn't support port multipliers although expansion via mPCI is hinted at (no HW recommendations to accomplish it, though) and it appears to be limited to 2GB max. ZOTAC just announced a new box, the RI531 [], but I doubt it will be under $200, even barebones (no disc, no mem),$399 more likely.

What I would really like to see is Arm 64bi@1Ghz+t, RTC, 4GB+, 2 SATA (power&Data, 2 ethernet (PoE in [& out with extern P/S] would be nice) with Arch or Fedora 22 linux on bootable SD and a case to mount 2 2.5 drives and the board.

Comment: Is the asinine "Home" flavoring preserved? (Score 1) 193

Any windows "update" without providing domain membership & policies or RDP capabilities is worthless and will be (& has been) replaced with Linux. If your windows game wont at least run under wine, then I wont be purchasing it. WTP is filled with useless 'features' "Picture of the Day", "live" tiles, sports, weather, disabled/deleted where possible. Needs a pre-installed group policy/wizard to turn such bloat off.

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