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Comment Re:The power of privacy (Score 5, Informative) 720

Actually, everyone in the military because they're required to use display shields and VPN when working from anywhere outside their offices. But, according to Secretary Nepolitano, all military personnel (ex or current) are potential terrorists anyways, so why not?

Comment Re:Of course.... (Score 1) 91

No commitment is right. When the terrorists, who've had years to plan, train & equip in complete safety because we weren't there to stop them, launch a coordinated attack on U.S. infrastructure that takes out bridges, power, oil, gas, and medical services, you can sit there and smoke your pot, in the dark, with no XBox, no cell phone, no food arriving at your grocery store, and no more pot because it can't be delivered to you anymore! You'll be happy, though: The DEA will have other things to worry about rather than busting you for your dime bag. And, you're right: no one willing to die for their country could BE your boy. You have to have testicals to get a date, let alone get her pregnant. Now can we get back to the discussion on the technological aspects of throwable robots, instead of your lame, pot-induced demonstration of how out of touch with reality you are? Thanks

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