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Comment Re:Damage? (Score 1) 189

Butterflies lay offspring by the hundreds, have short enough lifespans that selection will take place soon after the event, lack the socializing effects of modern healthcare in humans, etc.

There's no doubt that there were millions of stillborn and otherwise irreparably genetically damaged butterflies already. The question is has it affected the long-term survivability of the species.


Submission + - Cloned Horses Given Okay For Olympics->

kkleiner writes: "Cloned horses are galloping their way toward the Olympic Games. The Fédération Equestre Internationale in Lausanne, Switzerland, announced their decision in June following a meeting in which up-to-date information on cloning was presented to the federation. Because the ruling is so recent, cloned horses do not number amongst the competition at the London Games. But we’re sure to see them at future Olympic Games. The ruling also raises a broader question: how will cloning impact animals in other sports as well?"
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Comment Re:take one apart? (Score 2) 157

Monitoring high-speed digital signals takes special (expensive) test equipment, which even a university lab might not have lying around for open use.

The SNES does not have high-speed digital signals. The whole thing is clocked at 3.58MHz. This isn't like trying to probe a SATA connection.

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