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Comment: Re:Comment from a Chemist (Score 0) 432

by AnnonUSA (#47089605) Attached to: Has the Ethanol Threat Manifested In the US?
As I recall Ethanol was touted by Government shills as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil. A claim which was insane at the time and still is. The requirement of ethanol was first and foremost a "placebo" for high gas prices. And as usual once the money was seen it became an instant Agricultural welfare program. What most of us forgot it that 10% E was supposed to reduce the cost per gallon to fill up the tanks of Americans... Yeah, that happened....

Comment: Whinners. (Score -1) 470

Windows 8 and 8.1 are better than Windows 7 in a magnitude of ways. I have never been one to jump early to any new Microsoft product, but Windows 8 was worth it. There is only one reason to not move to Windows 8, and that is if you truly have software or hardware that will not work with it that you cannot upgrade. Is 8 perfect, no, but is it extremely useable and has been very stable for me and my clients. It does have it's annoyances, but they are mostly trivial and easily worked around. Having to press a key to bypass the "Start" screen is a minor issue. The point here is everyone knows how to use touch devices because of their mobile devices, so the transition to touch on the desktop is a rather intuitive one, and it can be completely ignored if one chooses to. I did that for a long time on a touch laptop, but now I find myself using it more and more because it is quicker and easier to use the tools it provides. I encounter a lot of resistance from users that are quoting a lot of the drivel commented here, but once they spend a minimal amount of time using the interface, they largely forget about it and just get their work done. Is it a perfect OS? No. But neither was XP, we just got used to it's issues and became complacent with them. There are many ways that Windows 8 can frustrate, but they are not worth ignoring the product and staying with the old stuff. I actually dread walking into clients now and finding Windows XP on systems, the interface seems primitive.

Comment: Fracking BS (Score 0) 236

by AnnonUSA (#45387367) Attached to: There Would Be No Iranian Nuclear Talks If Not For Fracking
Fracking is used for Natural Gas production not Oil last I looked. Iran's output has been stifled by sanctions, not market oil glut. The cost of domestic oil is what keeps the US at odds with Middle Eastern countries. If they drop prices they render domestic oil production too expensive. The truth is America is still at the mercy of the Middle eastern oil. All they need to do is produce more oil at lower prices and they will destroy the domestic market. Oil companies are going to buy from the cheapest source, that's how Exxon/Mobile makes record profits every quarter.

Comment: Windows 8 Fear Mongering (Score 0) 246

by AnnonUSA (#44846079) Attached to: Majority of Enterprise Customers Finally 'Migrating Away From Windows XP'
It is never easy changing OS versions. But if you are reluctant to the point of fear, nothing would ever change. I am using Windows 8 on my home, office and Laptop systems and there are zero issues that prevent me from doing what I used to do with XP, and everyone screaming about how Windows 7 is better than 8 is just wrong. Windows 8 is Windows 7 SP2. Windows 8 "metro" is like a shell that you do not have to interface with if you do not want to. The Windows 8 "Apps" are mainly garbage and just a way to sell advertizing space to Microsoft customers, but they and the Metro Interface are OPTIONAL. People should be much more concerned about Office 2013 and the Crippled "Click to Run" versions that Microsoft keeps as a dirty secret, as it allows them to block other companies interoperability to generate more Software as a subscription sales.

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