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Comment: Re: Simplification, n. (Score 1) 183

by Anne Thwacks (#47955105) Attached to: KDE's UI To Bend Toward Simplicity
I'd much rather pick one thing I like from a list of ten than make ten binary decisions about ingredients.

However, the ten choices we get will never include the ten I want, or the ten you want - they will be what get offered by the Gnome dev team this release, and once we have got used to them, a completely different ten.

Granted being able to choose (unlike in Unity) is good, and if the options exist, someone will want every possible combination. (2^10 is only 1024 combinations, and you gotta hope more than 1 million people will use your GUI).

Best bet is to have both an easy way to pick a "skin" from popular choices (with a high contrast default that works regardless of LCD, CRT, or whatever is next, no matter how ugly - not that ugly should be the design objective) and a more complex "fix the feature that bugs you" - clearly marked "advanced users only" and with a way to save your choices and export them to other machines (by email?).

The worst possible is to pretend your desktop is a 2011 smartphone. Hell, I want Gnome-fallback-shell on my Samsung Note 4. Dropdown menus worked on 320x240 (as well as anything could on a Crap Graphic Array).

I definitely want to have multiple desktops, resizeable windows, and hierarchical menus on my Android phone. Icons are all very well for ten choices, but a complete failure for 1024 choices.

Hierarchically structured words big enough to read no mattter how many there are, are way better than, tiny, meaningless pictures you can't recognise no matter how few.

Comment: Re:Easy to contain (Score 1) 119

by Anne Thwacks (#47898925) Attached to: US Scientists Predict Long Battle Against Ebola
You have obviously never been to west africa. People there can and do ignore the governments, which are mostly irrelevant to every day life on a scale American libertines and European anarchists cannot imagine. The whole concept of "they should do X" is laughable. There is no one who can or will do "X". Life is not like that.

Comment: Re:Don't lie (Score 1) 499

at least in the UK. Mistakes made before the age of 27

Maybe, but crimes committed under the age of 21 are dragged up in the Criminal Records Check even when you are in your 60's and have to be explained away on a regular basis if you want your job even with no military connection.

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