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Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 266

If MS survival came down to Slashdot population it would be out of business in 30 seconds.

Whereas it will probably take 30 months. Win10 looks like a whole pallet of coffin nails to me.

Surely PC sales have shrunk cos everyone who needs one has got two, and what most people actually need is a tablet and/or phone and they have that already too.

And the people that actually USE PCs sure as hell do not want Windows - as they are rapidly learning.

Stop with the buggy whips already!

OK, I ignored he Apple users. They are on a different planet.

Disclaimer: my family have been computer users since the IBM709.

Comment Re:Microsoft is "igniting" PC sales... (Score 1) 266

If you had previously used WinCE or WinMobile, or indeed, any previous portable device with MS software anywhere near it, you should have seen this coming.

Shafting their customers is what Microsoft do!

WinPhone users can expect the same shafting any day now.

Meanwhile, MS have gone into the machines belonging to Windows users and fucked with the systems. This is a criminal act in most jurisdictions, which has been cited as the reason why MS had not previously made any serious effort to stop viruses, and why third parties cannot release "good" viruses that clean up PCs infested with bad ones.

MS is like a rogue TLA agent that is on a killing spree. Sure, the average Joe has not yet understood what is going on. The average Joe is they guy next door to me who normallysays "They are a huge company - they would not be allowed to do this/never get away with it". However, he understands what VW has done (cos he owns a VW) - and now realises that big companies can do anything in Europe and USA, and they no longer need to bribe enough people to do it (like in the old country).

Comment Wot no Eink? (Score 3, Interesting) 31

If it does not have eink and a battery life in months, surely it is not actually an eBook? Its just an also-ran tablet with an app. I have one of those already.

I am a nerd.

I want a black and white screen 1280x1024, with a physical keyboard and some type of navigation.

Sure I could use it to read "catch 22", but the real world use is to have all the service manuals and wiring diagrams where I can take them on site and use them. paper ones need a couple of drawing cabinets (bigger than 4-draw filing cabinets), and colour displays time out just when you are managing to finally figure out whether it was the blue/green wire or the green/blue wire that deactivates the detonator.

Comment Re:Software Development Processes (Score 1) 479

I think that the software probably has to be developed to "Safety Critical" standards - it would at other Motor manufacturers I could name - and it is very expensive to do - which implies required by law.

Developing to safety critical standards not only requires every requirement to be met by specific bits of code, it requires every line of code to be traceable to a requirement.

NO changes without requirements traceability being confirmed independently of the software team.

AND the same for hardware.

AND the same at system level.

There MUST be written requirements, written statements of who wrote them, who approved them, and who implemented them. If the evidence is not there in loads of hard copy and on loads of backup tapes, LOADS of people are in trouble for a lot more that emissions (which are still probably 10% of a Hummer's anyway).

Comment Re:*Billions* (Score 1) 170

Who is going to pay to replace my hardware that is controlled by software that only runs on Windows XP? I have a computer controlled embroidery machine (made in Y2K) that would cost £5,000 to replace. There are no updated drivers, and the software to control it requires XP. I run XP on the machine that controls it (Manuf 2006).

Currently working fine, why would I want to upgrade?

Not being a "millenial", I do not think 2009 is very long ago. That is the year I moved house, and this is still my "new house". Hell, I still use a P4 at work.

Comment Re:Amazing news! (Score 2) 170

True, cos the biggest problem I seem with the majority of android phones in the market, they won't be getting any O/S upgrades and they get old real fast.

Well MS has solved that one: After the experience of forced upgrades to Windows 10, most people will be desperately trying to avoid anything resembling an upgrade for the rest of their lives.

You would be surprised how many people buying low end Android phones have never used an app, and probably can't even spell it. They buy phones to make phone calls (Oh, the horror of it). Many would love to return to an old style Nokia, if only Nokia were there to sell them one. A lot buy used Nokias on Ebay - check the price of an E52.

Most people who care about upgrades will probably know abut CM by now anyway.

Comment Re:Not the total cost! (Score 1) 419

every river could have every 10miles or so a power plant.

Great. How many rivers in the UK carry ships more than 10 miles?

More to the point, how many could sustain a turbine that would generate more power in their lifetimes than that required to deliver the turbine to the point of use?

Our country, and our rivers, are not very big!

Comment Re:Monopoly on what exactly (Score 1) 216

What you have said is true, but omits the important fact that in the past, random people posing as "minicabs" were in the habit of picking up drunken strangers and ripping them off, or if female, raping them. Mincabs (Licenced Private Hire Vehicles) used not to be regulated, but are now (by the public carriage office), and are not permitted to pick up people without a paper trail allowing them to be located quickly if they are involved in crimes - some occasionally are, and they are quickly caught. They are required to not have a criminal record, be able to read maps, speak at least broken English, and know some other trivia. (And also perform paperwork that makes cheating tax more difficult). The offices are also licensed and regulated. The question is, is Uber comparable to a Minicab service. And if it is, how come the drivers do not have to pass the same checks as other minicab drivers? Looks like a Minicab service to me.

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