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Comment: Re:Reaching for symbolism - and failing (Score 1) 265

I think you have read too much of Karl Marx's twaddle.

Income inequality is what gives poor people a way of buying food - they work for the rich! Take it away, and no one works for anyone. If you are not self-sufficient, you die.

I know here on /. people like to say "Under capitalism, man exploits man, while under communism, its the other way round". Its not true. Under communism, everyone has nothing, not much happens and it gradually gets worse.

People dont risk death because their e-neighbour has a Hummer and they have a Ford Fiesta. They risk death because the alternative is a slower and more painful death of their entire family Whether by war, famine, of mafia inspired shootouts, its esactly the same reasoning.

I expect Dubai to go up in flames any time soon, but I doubt the dome will make a difference to when or how.

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Comment: Re:sound and sides (Score 3, Insightful) 578

by Anne Thwacks (#47368145) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature
More unintended consequences: you cant see the signals from the cab of a truck! You also cannot see them from other important places. These things are often a hazard to safety.

It is generally better to give drivers information than hide it.

More importantly, drivers have to pass a test, pedestrians don't, and may be (often are) drunk, insane or just mildly stupid. There is no law against stupidity, and never will be - it would not be in the interests of politicians. Some politicans appear to be both drunk and insane. There may be a law against it, but it does not seem to deter them.

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by Anne Thwacks (#47292551) Attached to: Age Discrimination In the Tech Industry
You are partly right, but completely wrong. Older/more experienced people may have less confidence in their skills because they know that there is more to progamming than copying "hello world" rprograms from the text book, and expect a rather deeper knowledge of both language and application domain.

Of course they know, because they have done it and got the t-shirt, that you can learn the syntax of a new language by reading a couple of sides of A4. However, they also know it takes a few years to get familiar with the language gochas and the compiler bugs.

Dont expect a job optimising SQL from me! And stay away from my Cobol compiler.

I assume you know the use of a lawn by now,

Comment: Re:makes no sense to me (Score 3, Insightful) 370

by Anne Thwacks (#47292521) Attached to: Age Discrimination In the Tech Industry
I can't even imagine ruling out older candidates.

A lot of the problem is people (PHBs) who do not want to employ someone under them who is older than them, because they are embarassed about:

A) Giving instructions to an older person

B) Giving (probably stupid) instructions to someone who understands the issues.

No one is going to own up to these factors.

Sometimes there is a "good" reason to hire the inexperienced. The company maya ctually require people who have not got the experience to spot mass corruption, When the company collapses, it is often necessary to be able to claim "no one on the team saw it coming" despite the fact that anyone who had ever been in an IT project before knows that version control is not just a good idea. (etc)

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Comment: Re:The headline is juicy, but hides a real problem (Score 2) 212

In Africa? Almost all broadcasts in West Africa are digital, requiring a specific STB from the broadcaster. The TV does not even need a tuner, let alone one for the supposed local standards.Can you repiar olnew TVs?

I live in the UK, and I am using a desktop 3 years old, the family PC is over five years old, and our laptops that are 5 year old Lenovo T61's because they are better than the newer models. We dont play games on PCs - we have Android phones for that. PCs are for LibreOffice and Firefox (and the occasional bit of PCB layout). I think our company (Sun) servers are also more than 4 years old. They work fine. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

More relevantly: West African transport operators want mechanically injected diesel lorries with no ECU's because if the ECU goes wrong, the lorry and its load are lost. This means buying old lorries. The Western "polution reduction" Euro 5 etc, is about lining pockets for "Add-blu" sales, not about saving the planet.

Comment: Re:A minority view? (Score 1) 649

by Anne Thwacks (#47270269) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools
It is an issue of the meaning of the word "god" in different languages and contexts. There are differences between being in a Church in Texas, and living under a tree in a rain forest. (In one of these situations, you have freedom. But there are probably other differences. I have never been in either situation, so I don't know).

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by Anne Thwacks (#47270169) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla
It was true when the first Japanese cars came. However, I am guessing they read the reviews and created MITI. Meanwhile the American motor industry was telling the world "American cars are bigger, so they must be better" the real Ford Galaxy (500) was as big as an aircraft carrier, and at least twice as hard to steer (at least here in Europe it was). And with a 500 cubic inch (7 litre) engine it could almost outperform the average European 2 litre model on a strait road, Unfortunately we have not had strait roads in the UK since the Romans left in 530AD.

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