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Comment: Re: Her work (Score 1) 1262

"undisputed skew in the gender of gamers"? Are you really still trying to flog that dead horse?

Too bad for you that the Entertainment Software Association (for one) disputes the hell out of that tired old pile of bull.

FYI, 48% of gamers are female.

Comment: Re:Fucking Bat-Dragons... (Score 1) 156

by Ann O'Nymous-Coward (#47585623) Attached to: The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released

Haven't you noticed? Wyverns (mythological term for 2-legged dragons) are all the rage in recent years.

I blame Skyrim: I think that was the first piece of mass media entertainment that started that trend. Then Game of Thrones etc. hopped on the bandwagon (or is that banned-dragon?)

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