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Comment Re:Religion that everyone hates (Score 1) 411

Nice Inquisition strawman there. No sarcasm; it was cute - hey, I like Monty Python references as much as the next geek - but no thanks.

It's simple, really it is. Just do exactly what I said. Be LESS quiet.

Why are all Christian political campaigners, all Christian platforms of PUBLIC communication (radio, TV etc) such loud and constant megaphones for bigotry?

Why are the moderates you see in your congregation so utterly different from the hate-filled public, politically active face of your religion?

What exactly is stopping those like your congregation from making themselves heard in the public arena with the same effectiveness as the nutjobs?

The facts are clear: the folks you talk about are either not as committed as the bigots, or not as common as they are, or both.

Comment Re:Protein from plants, not animals (Score 1) 381

"No one does that"? More like everyone does it.

There's a reason why legumes + grains (the combination you need to get complete protein) are VERY commonly combined in cuisines from all over the world. Just a few examples off the top of my head: hummus + pita bread, dhal + rice, frijoles + tortillas.

Comment Re:we eat insects already (Score 1) 381

You're right about oysters and mussels, but eating shrimp does not mean you're eating guts, unless the shrimp hasn't been properly butterflied (split open and the intestine taken out).

This is why I eat shrimp (that I butterfly myself or check carefully), but won't eat oysters, mussels, snails etc.

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