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Submission + - Can we do a little slashdotting for charity? (

Angst Badger writes: This is an "Ask Slashdot" entry: I know this is a completely non-technical topic, but one of the things we often debate here relative to the OLPC project is whether people in the third world really need laptops as much as they need much more basic things. In the wake of the recent earthquake in Haiti, I'd say it's pretty clear that, at least right now, the citizens of Port-au-Prince definitely need more basic things. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if, instead of clobbering some poor geek's server, we were to make UNICEF strain to keep up with the volume of donations for relief? I just donated $50 to UNICEF's Haiti fund — link here — and I'd like to challenge the cantankerous but basically big-hearted Slashdot community to match (or exceed!) me on that.

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