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+ - Slashdot References in Popular Culture? 1

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The Living Fractal
The Living Fractal writes: "So I'm reading Century Rain, a great SF book by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds, and at about page 80 or so I stumble onto a hidden Slashdot reference. Reynolds' character "Niagara" runs a finger diagonally across his chest then 'dots' next to the slash, then goes on to talk about a community of progressive thinkers on one of the earliest computer networks (today's internet) who eventually founded his society. They're even called Slashers! Maybe old news to some of you, but a nice surprise for me nevertheless.
Does anyone else have /. easter eggs they've found that they can share with us?"
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Journal: Half-Life 2 Review

Journal by AngryUndead
After my review of Doom3 I have finally gotten my hands on its apparent "foe", Half-Life 2.
I would like to point out, for the record, that both Valve and ID software are world-class game development studios and both have confrimed this by their latest releases.
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Journal: The Deffinitave Doom3 Review

Journal by AngryUndead
I have been reading a few forum posts on how Doom3 "t0t411y sUxz0rs" and how HL2 will "sizeriously phizown" it. I've also read some about how HL2 "si sucky!" and how Doom3 "is teh best gamesss of teh ALlztimeSSS1!".
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Journal: RSA Factor solving with BrookeGPU

Journal by AngryUndead
I was thinking about it today, and with the post yesterday about BrookeGPU allowing programers to run code on thier video cards and being able to harness somthing like 10ghz (or at least that many gigaflops on a P4 class machine) with 25gb/s peak memory bandwidth. If you had 1 AGP card, and like 4 PCI cards, thats a lot of processing power, and if you used each one to do one level of a multi-level sieve process, or to all contribute batches of work to the job. Your CPU could act as a controlle

We don't really understand it, so we'll give it to the programmers.