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Comment Re:People in the U.S. culture can be very misleadi (Score 1) 362

Good for you (and us), Sam! Please don't pay any mind to the skeptics and nay-sayers. We need more people like you and your team at Microsoft to build bridges between these technologies. The work you're doing is important and benefits everyone. Keep up the good work!

Comment Re:without any humans ever having been involved (Score 1) 898

In the US (New York City, at least), when a traffic camera snaps a shot of your license plate, the owner of the car is fined, regardless of who was driving it. They don't treat it as a "moving violation," because they don't know who was driving the car, so the owner's insurance does not go up. The only exception that I know of is when the car's owner reports their car as being stolen and then is not held liable for running the red light.

Comment Re:Great idea, and all.. (Score 1) 250

I'm a PC gamer and I still have not forgiven Microsoft or Bungie for what they did with Halo. It was going to be the first FPS with vehicles on the PC platform. In the end, many of those gamers clamoring for vehicles in their FPSes ended up buying Tribes 2 at that time (GREAT GAME!).

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