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+ - Candy Crush Makers Establishes themselves as Trademark Troll 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A full four months before popular mobile game Candy Crush was released, an almost identical game, Candy Swipe was published. Runsome Apps, the publishers of Candy Swipe, also got a trademark on the the word "Candy" for use in games, and opposed the trademark application of Candy Crush. To get around this, Royal Games, formerly King and publisher of Candy Crush, from an older company whose game bears no resemblance to either of the games in question. Today, Runsome Apps has given up the fight."

Comment: Re:slow news day (Score 1) 168

by AnfieldSierra (#44712061) Attached to: We All May Have a Little Martian In Us
And why the f#*k would it be more likely that life started on Mars than here on Earth ? I mean for what possible reason would it make sense that life began somewhere else and was then magically transported here through the cold vacuum of space. Mars hardly had the ideal environment to bootstrap life, even hundreds of millions of years ago, and especially when compared to early Earth.

We know that here on Earth, all the necessary building blocks were in place and that conditons were right for basic proteins to form, and from there we just mix it all together in the pot for a few million years and *bazinga*... life!

I get really frustrated whenever I read (fairy) stories about life originating on some extra-terrestrial body (comet, asteroid, planet) because even if (against the massively implausible odds) it originated elsewhere, it must have started there by the exact same mechanisms as postulated for life beginning on Earth. Occams razor says enough for me. Eveyone else is just looking for grant funding.

If you want to suggest that life originated somewhere else, you need to convince me that it couldn't have equally plausibly started here too.

Comment: Re:I do not understand (Score 5, Informative) 249

by AnfieldSierra (#41889167) Attached to: Apple Suit Against Motorola Over FRAND Licensing Rates Dismissed
And if Apple doesn't want to enter into negitiations with Motorola over the rate of the license then it is not operating in good faith. Other handset manufacturers have licensed Mototola's standards esdsential patents, probably by being reasonable and negotiating like normal people. Apple have played hardball here by refusing to negotiate up front and going straight to court instead. Groklaw, as usual, have a good summary here: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20121105153442192

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 0) 465

by AnfieldSierra (#37091262) Attached to: UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT
Please let me know when you start "talking science at me" because so far all I see is pseudo-science dressed up as an (un-falsifyable) hypothesis. Come back when you can show me that any recent trends are anything other than natural variablility caused by any of several hundred factors all unrelated to human activity, eg. Sunspots/solar activity, El Nino, PDO. etc.
Your climate psience champions are unwilling/unable to release their figures, stonewall any attempts to reproduce their work or check their calculations, and are generally obstructive to any kind of scruitiny yet we are expected to dramatically change the economy of the entire world on just their say-so.

It's even highly questionable whether there actually has been any warming that isn't simply down to mis-reading the temperature proxies used to construct a historical climate record. And even if we are faced with a dramatic warming of the climate (which I simply don't believe) the human race as a whole can simply move to higher lattitudes and inland from the coast over the next 50-100 years. It's not like we're not extremely adaptable as a species. It would be way more cost effective than crippling billions of people with increased energy costs today.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 1) 465

by AnfieldSierra (#37091164) Attached to: UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT

Here's something for this observation too - http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-03-global-snowstorms-scientists.html

As a counterpoint for anecdotal evidence, you may want to read the news stories about record heatwaves through the US over the past month...

Yeah this is nice. If the weather is warmer, it's because of global warming. If it gets colder it's also global warming. You guys are hilarious. Any kind of evidence, either warmer or cooler somehow manages to support your hypothesis. You can't really expect me to take you seriously if this is your line of argument.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 0, Troll) 465

by AnfieldSierra (#37090872) Attached to: UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT

Of course not, but as many people have observed, a statistical correlation is often Ma Nature's way of saying "Hey, look over here; there's something going on that may be important to you."

Yeah, and just as often, it isn't. All you have is correlation. Maybe sunspots are driving both variables up and neither one causes the other. Maybe it's pixies dancing. This isn't science and after recent revelations in the wake of Climate-gate, neither is "Climate Science". It's Climate Shamanism or Climate Theology. Take your pick. You can no longer take at face value any proclamations coming from "climate scientists". I've had more reliable predictions from horoscopes so forgive me if I file this latest piece of alarmism in same category..

The ability to trust any reports from the IPCC or CRU is gone, and scientists are going to need years to rebuild that trust.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 1) 465

by AnfieldSierra (#37090732) Attached to: UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT

We have more than a mere correlation between carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and temperature rise.

No actually that is all you have. There's plenty of historical evidence to indicate that temperature rise leads the atmospheric CO2 increase. The mechanism by which CO2 is theorised to retain heat is poorly understood and far from proven. Water vapour has a far higher heat capacity to act as a greenhouse gas and yet isn't accounted for in most of the models,

The consequences on the global economy of attempting to remove carbon from our daily lives will dramatically impact the livelyhood of billions of people who will face hardship, poverty and hunger because of the increased costs of energy. You have the bare faced gall to quote economic impact about removing carbon dioxide just so a few beach-front properties avoid a miniscule risk of higher sea levels.

Finally, I'm sitting here looking out the window watching it snow for the first time in ~70 years and have to seriously question your assumptions that the planet is even warming at all.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 0) 465

by AnfieldSierra (#37090456) Attached to: UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT
"ZOMG! It's worse than we thought!"....again...and again.... Global Alarmism. Not global warming.
Let's cripple the economies of all nations on the planet, resulting in increased poverty, hunger and hardship for billions of people just to keep some potential problems with sea-front property in the western world, at bay.

As far as arctic ice goes, maybe you should investigate why Greenland is called "Greenland". Hint" We weren't all driving SUVs when the Vikings went exploring so it wasn't caused by humans.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 1) 465

by AnfieldSierra (#37090418) Attached to: UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT
Citation required....
When the dinosaurs ruled the planet, temperatures were quite significantly higher than they are now, and the ecosphere supported an abundance of highly successful flora and fauna.
How about on your world, we reduce the amount of atmospheric CO2 to less than 100ppm?
We have no real idea what the consequences of geoengineering on a planetary scale are, and they could equally well be detrimental to the survival of life on Earth.

Comment: Re:Another drive by hit piece (Score 1) 962

by AnfieldSierra (#35413672) Attached to: The Encroachment of Fact-Free Science

if an approval by NASA isn't good enough, I don't know what will be.

This is known as an "appeal to authority". The case for science will stand on its own irrespective of who is stating it. NASA has no more authority to spout the "truth" than Joe Sixpack.

Here's a clue: Would you trust NASA to land a probe on Mars 100% of the time, or return a Shuttle crew to earth 100% of the time simply because "shucks, they're NASA. They know their shit."

Guess what. NASA makes mistakes. Their scientists are human and are driven by the same failings and weaknesses as the rest of us. If you want an alernative perspective, try googling "Judith Curry" for an example of a real scientist who holds a different view.

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