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Comment Bird? (Score 1) 1823

Many of the stories, including this one, show a capital "T", then a bird, then "irfs", then a drawing of a little dummy. I live in rural Thailand. For those of us who do not live in Sunnyvale, you should label it better.

FYI I hate icons. Icons are just another language to learn. I already know English. I don't wamt to see German or Chinese or Icons on Twitter. Thanks.

Also, whi isn't a blank line good enough for a paragraph break? Like here: This is the last paragraph.

Comment Books (Score 2) 69

I read constntly. As a child my mother would read to me. On the first day of school, I came home crying because they did not teach me how to read.

I have two piles of books. I pick a book from the first pile, read it, and put it in the second pile. After 3-4 years the first pile is empty, the second is full, and I switch piles. It's hard to find good English language in Thailand. Mostly I read Louis L'Amour ("Guns Of The Timberlands"), also science fiction ("The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress"), Perry Mason ("The Girl With The Lucky Legs"), and John Grisham ("The Pelican Brief"). If you want to understand me, read "Ender's Game" (Andy's Geme).

Comment Safer (Score 1) 278

Thailand has two rules for pedestrians: #1 You can walk anywhere, anytime. #2 If you get hit it's your own fault. Amazingly, it's safer this way. Pedestrians are on the defensive. None of this crap about lying in a hospital bed while your lawyer sues the life out of the car's insurance company, Look both ways before crossing the sidewalk. No cops protect you, so you have to be careful for yourself. Defensive is safer.

Comment 124k? (Score 1) 114

The Apple ][ we had had a 64k address space, true. But it was bank switched. Main memory was 60k, as I recall, but the top 4k had an OS function to select an additional 60k that would map into the low-order 60k. So you had a high 4k permanent bank and two low switched banks of 60k each.

If you stuck to BASIC you never knew this was going on, and maybe it was only the later machines that did this. But us 6502 hackers knew it. A total of 124k.

It was many years ago; I think it was the top 4k but it might have been the top 8k. I thought it was so neat that Apple was using address lines to bank switch.

Comment Re:67 (Score 1) 242

I attended various Mormon chuches in Thailand and Vientiane for ten years. They are good people - I like them. I respect them. But I could never commit to believing EVERYTHING that any man says, even their prophet, so I never actually joined. Because of this they finally told me to go away. The next time some Mormon missionary hits on you, ask him about "God The Mother".

Comment Re:67 (Score 0) 242

When I met her she was hired as a cleaning lady . but soon rose to waitress. Too fat and ugly to be a dancer.

Why should I care what you think of me? I walked away from American culture. I would rather die in Thailand than live in the USA.

I am a polygamist. I have a wonderful photo of three women; all three were my wives. If she wants me she can join the club. No 'excusive' option.

I don't use birth control but I'm glad you do. People who don't like people shouldn't make more people. I love people. I love children.

I am an ex-American living in Thailand. Why should I "stick to one woman at a time"? I say "No" maybe 90% of the time, but the ten percents add up.

My Japanese-American ex-wife used to say that any man is fundamentally faithful - to whatever woman is standing in front of him right now. I'm not trying to make you happy; I'm trying to make her happy. Apparently I do.

Probably feminists hate me. There are very few feminists in Thailsand.

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