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Comment: Re:Dual or quadricopters (Score 2) 101

Yeah. Quadcopters are far less efficient than single-rotor aircraft, and multicopters (hexa, octa) are even less efficient.

The reason people go to hexas and octas is that scaling a quadcopter up to the payload sizes of some of the octas/hexas starts causing issues with blade inertia - an octacopter is more stable.

The main reason quadcopters are doing so well for small aircraft is that at that size class, the mechanical complexity (tail rotor with transmission and collective pitch, plus collective and cyclic pitch control for the main rotor) of a single rotor or dual-rotor aircraft adds a LOT of cost. (The only flight controls of quadcopters are motor speed, with a few exceptions of quads with collective pitch which is still FAR simpler than cyclic pitch control) Once you get to a fullsize helo - it turns out that the quadcopter approach becomes more expensive than a single-rotor AND it's far less efficient.

Kind of similar to how LEDs dominated the flashlight industry for years but only recently became feasible for residential/commercial lighting - incandescent bulbs suffer significantly reduced efficiency and bulb lifetime when scaled down to flashlight sizes.

Comment: The article is a failure (Score 1) 129

by Andy Dodd (#47406715) Attached to: Android Wear Is Here

From TFA: "On the other hand, the Samsung watch is the clear winner on overall build quality."

From reality:

That's right - it's been only 2 weeks or so since Google I/O and Samsung devices are ALREADY breaking with multiple reports of the same failure mode.

In addition, there are frequent reports of display corruption that doesn't happen with the LG:

Comment: Re:Illegal and Dangerous? (Score 1) 200

by Andy Dodd (#47399435) Attached to: The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

Well, as far as flying too close to an airport - I think there are a lot of people in that category that aren't trying to hurt someone, but are just plain stupid.

As far as your assertion that the jet will last long enough to turn around and land again - The landing and takeoff phases for an aircraft (most likely cases where it will hit a small RC aircraft) are the most dangerous ones. Typical RC aircraft have components that are harder/stiffer (worse for a jet engine) than a bird - and a bird into a jet engine on takeoff can be disastrous (see the Miracle on the Hudson - yes that was a rare dual-engine birdstrike, but even a single engine out during the most dangerous parts of a flight is a big deal).

I think the problem is that this video was done by a guy who was screwing around and probably not thinking about negative consequences - if he'd coordinated with the fireworks people to ensure that they agreed there were no safety issues he didn't think about, it would be fine. But now, there's likely to be legislation that is going to be directed at this but contain collateral damage.

See the recent rulings on FPV flight - - I believe this was primarily driven by incidents like (due to timing, not THAT specific one most likely, but similar incidents). End result is - because of some people being completely reckless with FPV flights, the FAA has created an effective blanket ban on FPV flights.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 376

by Andy Dodd (#47212041) Attached to: Theater Chain Bans Google Glass

So by "keeping a running commentary", do you mean that it was obvious the person was actually using Glass to record his companion narrating the whole thing?

If so, then yeah, he's a Glasshole and deserved to get kicked out.

If not, then assuming that he was recording when he probably wasn't (was the display lit up the whole time?) is BS.

Don't call Glass users Glassholes unless they're actually BEING assholes.

Comment: Re:No Way! (Score 1) 261

by Andy Dodd (#47128617) Attached to: Curved TVs Nothing But a Gimmick

The marketing seems to be dependent on the fact that many cinema screens are curved, and thus a curved TV is more "cinema-like"

There's a reason for this - anamorphic projection lenses used for extreme widescreen (2.35:1 for example) have distortion that is corrected by a curved screen.

Curved 16:9 is pointless. Even curved 2.35:1 LCD is likely pointless since you're not correcting for an anamorphic projection lens.

Comment: Re:Transmutation in SFRs or LWRs too (Score 2) 187

by Andy Dodd (#47098749) Attached to: US Nuclear Plants Expanding Long-Term Waste Storage Facilities

Yup. Remember the IFR design?

I think one of the statistics was that it could meet all of our electrical needs for a century - using only waste from existing reactors. (and that statistic was two decades ago.)

In addition to extracting much more energy from the fuel, the waste was much easier to manage. While it was EXTREMELY radioactive initially, the volume of the waste was very low, and more importantly, within 200 years it would decay to the point where it was safe (radiologically speaking, at least. Some of those metals are nasty even when a stable isotope.)

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by Andy Dodd (#47065465) Attached to: U.S. Drone Attack Strategy Against Al-Qaeda May Be Wrong

Yeah. At some point, no one is going to want to be CEO/CFO.

Massive CEO/CFO churn is a sign of a company in deep, serious trouble. Companies can handle occasional sudden losses of key personnel, but if it happens on a regular basis - that company is fucked.

It's also going to be bad for morale if the CEO/CFO keep getting whacked. Now, in the short term the company might have enough succession/disaster recovery plans to keep continuity going, but if the CEO/CFO in a company keep dying (as do the CEOs/CFOs of all other companies in the same industry), the employees are eventually going to say, "Fuck this, time for a career change."

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