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Comment: Don't forget Public Enemy... (Score 3, Interesting) 219

by Androgynous Coward (#8082298) Attached to: Gabriel and Eno Start Digital Music Artist Union
In late 1998 Public Enemy got into a big to-do over releasing demo tracks as MP3s on their web site for a then-upcoming remix album.

Chuck D was angry over the label telling him he could not post his own music and Polygram even threatened to sue if the tracks were not removed. This was before Mp3s and filesharing were in the press much. Here is a quote from Chuck D on the matter:

"If you make something for 90 cents, how can you justify to sell it for $9?" he said. "I believe that the fan is the most important, and the fan's been ripped off by the companies pimping technology."

From article: net

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