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Comment: Re:Pretty sure the heat death of the universe will (Score 3, Insightful) 386

by AndroSyn (#49678671) Attached to: Criticizing the Rust Language, and Why C/C++ Will Never Die

Just because a piece of software is old, doesn't mean it's suddenly doesn't do its intended function.

I'm not sure I'd be shocked by the effort that people make to keep old software running,. You mention PDP emulators, but how many people here use DOSBox on a regular basis to play old games.

Emulators are just one way do keep old software running of. The other way if the source is around is to keep updating the software for new platforms but avoiding too much feeping creaturism if you can. That's pretty much where I'm at with doing ircd work, keep the code updated for modern systems(with their own OS specific quirks) so it continues function.

It seems like people just want new and shiny software just for the sake of having new and shiny. New and shiny code however doesn't have X number of years of being used as production and all of the WTF bugs have long been squashed.


Comment: old != bad (Score 5, Informative) 189

My money is on this VME system being around for another 20 years while the mess of Java and Oracle(you know they're going to use Oracle). It'll be overpriced, late and won't actually work.

Just because something is old, doesn't mean it needs replaced. In short, why not just upgrade the mainframe?

Comment: text is easier to give addresses (Score 4, Informative) 80

by AndroSyn (#47636837) Attached to: FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

I think in some regards being able to send an SMS in an emergency, with important details like the exact address(including quadrant in cities like Washington DC). There are often cases in DC where they send an ambulance or something to the correct street address but the wrong quadrant and end up being 5 miles away from where they need to be.

Comment: All they got was the money to do the research... (Score 1) 172

by AndroSyn (#47218575) Attached to: Human Blood Substitute Could Help Meet Donor Blood Shortfall

It sounds like they just got awarded funding to do the research, which is nice and all. If money was the solution to all of the world's medical problems, surely we would have solved all sorts of issues by now, but science just doesn't work that way. Now don't get me wrong, I hope they succeed in producing a blood substitute, but I'll get excited when they have an available product.

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