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Comment Where's the distinction between Flash and e-books? (Score 2) 139

How do you make the distinction of online content, like e-books, flash games, podcasts? All are "online content", yet reader applications are allowed to go online to fetch the content (or even sell it). In my honest opinion, the only rule should be to exclude competing "Android markets", not content providers.

Comment Redirect ongoing lecture guests to... (Score 1) 804

If it was me, I would put up a special access point in all lecture halls. Then I would make it so that when (according to the schedules) a lecture is ongoing - any clients from these access points would get redirected to a landing page: "You are browsing during a lecture, we would appreciate if you would wait until after the lecture.". Then optionally offer grace periods or ignore options.

Comment Desperate attempt... (Score 1) 449

If you look at the other pole, users in these areas are getting 'free content' instead of paying for it. What about those profiting directly from Internet users? Commercial streaming services, premium usenet providers. This is just a desperate attempt by telecommunication companies to remain relevant.

Comment Supports Linux (Score 3, Interesting) 118

I've been playing the beta for a few months on my 64-bit Linux platform that usually gets shafted by game developers. If you liked DotA Allstars on W3x, you will like Heroes of Newerth. Those who played the classic DotA will find this "flashy" and imbalanced, fun though. I also encourage Linux gamers to support those few independent game developers that do support our platform by buying the game.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Heroes of Newerth Open Beta About To Start 118

You may recall last summer when we discussed Heroes of Newerth, a title from S2 Games that's based on the popular Defense of the Ancients mod from Warcraft III. We passed out some closed beta keys, and there seemed to be a ton of interest, in part due to the fact that they have a Linux client. Well, if any of you missed it or want to see how the game has progressed since then, now is your chance — the open beta begins tonight (March 31). There's a countdown on the sign-up page that shows when you can register.

Comment Public security research is not a threat (Score 5, Insightful) 203

Public security research is not a threat. Vulnerable infrastructures that go unchecked are. The trend is to penalize security researchers for publishing their findings will only increase underground security research that will then just be sold to the highest bidder.

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