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Comment Re: Interesting, thank you I will try this out (Score 1) 89

If his computer was made by a manufacturer which is still around, he can get a recovery DVD from the company for a small fee.

If not, see the section of the page titled "What to do if you cannot get recovery media from your manufacturer". Basically, you take a retail copy of the OS in question and delete a .cfg file. That will allow you to install the OS using an OEM key. This is actually a lot easier if you use a thumb drive to install the OS rather than a DVD, since with a thumb drive your can just delete (or rename) the ei.cfg file.

Comment Re:*Badly (Score 2) 223

Android has a back button, iOS and Windows do not.

Actually, Android and Windows Phone both have dedicated back buttons. iPhone is the outlier here.

What about notifications? I haven't seen Windows Phone's implementation, but Android notifications are light years ahead of the simple ones that iOS supports.

Notification functionality is pretty much identical on my Windows Phone and Nexus 5.

This stuff is all simple. The hard thing to emulate would be in-app advertisements and in-app purchases. Developers take that very seriously, for obvious reasons.

Comment Re:DoJ zone of lawlessness (Score 4, Interesting) 431

Osama bin Laden managed to hide in plain sight for 6 years by doing something similar.

The basic approach of senior Al Qaeda figures was to use laptops but never connect them to the internet. Everything was based on thumb drives, which were moved around by trusted couriers. You couldn't plant a mole in there, because they basically didn't trust anyone they hadn't known for several generations.

He was eventually tracked down because his most trusted courier was on the phone with a friend being pestered about what he was doing, and the CIA happened to be listening.

Comment Re:Baumgartner took too much credit (Score 4, Insightful) 175

I like this new one, seems to have been done for the right reasons.

What exactly are "the right reasons"?

I'm being serious. Is there some sort of "right" or "noble" reason to spend all this money jumping from slightly higher than the last guy who spent a lot of money?

Am I missing something here? Off the top of my head, the only reasons which come to mind are "extreme wealth" and "boredom".

Comment Free Money (Score 1) 482

The answer's pretty simple: Lots of people go more than 24 billing cycles before they upgrade their phone.

Some people just forget. Some people are waiting for a particular phone. Some people don't even realize they CAN get a new phone.

I worked with a guy who was paying Verizon a standard, subsidized phone rate. He was using a 4 or 5 year old flip phone. No kidding. I literally had to bowbeat this man into getting a new phone.

This is free money for the carriers. Heck, the last time I had a subsidized phone I kept it for 27 months. I was waiting for the Nexus 4 to come out, and it just wasn't worth the hassle of switching carriers or SIM chips to avoid 3 months of "overpay".

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