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Comment: It's got potential (Score 2, Interesting) 206

by Ancalimar (#33611516) Attached to: Security Concerns Paramount After Early Reviews of Diaspora Code
I admit that I haven't read through the code, and I am not a programmer. But it seems to me that if this can be hosted and run by individual institutions, it could have a fairly large impact in higher education in the next few years. Employees could use this like intranet-lite, and alumni and students could use this the way Facebook was originally used -- a social network for the school itself. The only difference is that it could provide very useful data directly to the school instead of an individual. I've also read a lot of complaints about how the project focused first on user interface instead of back-end programming. Isn't that similar to how Facebook itself started? I don't think there were a bunch of new protocols declared for the "Face book" launch.

Comment: Foreign invasion (Score 1) 194

by Ancalimar (#27428955) Attached to: New Legislation Would Federalize Cybersecurity
As much as I agree with the fears of significant government intrusion, I also have to say that national cyberdefense is every bit as important, and rapidly more so, than national military defense. Without a unified strategy of national defense, we've left ourselves extraordinarily vulnerable to attack. And although we have some cyber 'militias' in the country, we have no such dedicated, professional group. Imagine getting paid well and fairly by the government to develop and promote secure systems!

Comment: Re:"That'll make good TV." (Score 1) 573

by Ancalimar (#20110433) Attached to: Dateline NBC Mole Outed At DefCon
I'm not defending the former display of angry apathy, but I won't claim any sympathy for pedophilia, and I'm frankly surprised to see it in the previous post. It certainly is a sickness, but hardly one for which any of us need create veils of compassion. Dateline, obviously, was looking for a headline. Their actions were deplorable and legally questionable.

But the parent post seems to be saying that, whether the man was guilty or not, pedophilia is a crime for which we should all be a little more understanding. I wholeheartedly disagree. I infrequently make this case, but there are some crimes for which forgiveness is not warranted. Perhaps you'll forgive me for not wanting my children around someone's "taboo" failing. I'd rather condemn that taboo then see someone's life ruined because of such "compassionate" negligence.

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