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Comment Re:This CEO now wishes his company was in the USA (Score 1) 422

Don't worry, politicians are working hard to put French laws on par with US ones. And the TPP will help them achieve that.
By the way, don't be fooled by those who call themselves socialists : they are of the same kind than the right wing. Perhaps worse.
Sarkozy, right wing, was very good at destroying employee protections, and giving at lot to companies.
Holande, so called socialist, is doing worse. He is also urging a French Patriot Act, while the US are struggling to cancel it.

Comment Re:When I want an IDE (Score 1) 443

An IDE made by developers for developers.
There's no fancy HMI going in the way, source code/other things ratio is always maximized. There's Git support (among some others I think).

I'm even using it for non Qt project.

The "worst" I've done is:
- make a project with STM CubeMX and generate the code
- using some bash scripts, I extract source files and parameters from generated file to produce a QtCreator project
- enjoy editing with syntax highlighting, completion, even a simple refactor function (ok, semi intelligent rename across multiple files)

Comment Re:[GodwinPoint attribute="intentional"] (Score 1) 407

You're right, it would fit the context much better than the yellow star. The latter is by far the most known, though.
The fact is that I didn't know about the other signs; or I didn't remembered. Anyway, shame on me, a French should know that. That's frightening me : losing memories like this one. I didn't know war. I barely spoke of it with my grand parents before they die. And I see the world committing the same mistakes than 50 or 100 years ago.

Oh, sorry, I forgot the [CheapPhilosophy] tags ...

Comment Not a French Problem (Score 1) 196

OK, France is not perfect. I can tell, I'm French.
But this problem is not a French only problem. It's a problem of tax avoidance.
Few years ago, Sarkozy said "Tax heavens don't exist anymore". Seriously !?!?
So, why are Google, Amazon, etc, paying so little taxes ? In France only ?
Do you think they are paying these taxes in your magnificent United States of America ?
No, they're just paying a little as they can _everywhere_.

Comment Pay ? Or refund ? (Score 1) 474


Here, in France (and probably in some other countries), we can get money back for OS and crapware. OK, I'm talking about the whole set of crapware, Redmond one included.
It's difficult, it's long, you have to go before a judge (or somebody close to). But you can get your money back. Several computer manufacturers have lost in court.

M$ gives tools and procedures to OEM and manufacturers to add it. And now they want us to pay for it's removal ? "Vindju" comme on dit !

Comment gREAT cASE (Score 1) 302

[troll inside. Or not] I wonder ... Why are there so many upper case letters ? I thought only Germans put upper case letters at the beginning of all words. Not English ? So, why "Australia Adopts EU's Geographical Indicator System For Wine" ? And then, why only one in "amontillado, Auslese, burgundy, chablis, champagne, claret, marsala, moselle, port, and sherry". I think these words would deserve some, don't you think ? That's what I've been taught. May be I'm wrong, I'm French ... [end of troll inside. Or not]
The Internet

Submission + - cOULD yOU sTOP tO pUT uPPER cASE lETTERS tO ...

AncalagonTotof writes: ... eACH aND eVERY wORD ???
I'm not a expert in foreign languages nor in English in particular (I'm French, you see what I mean !), but I'm fed up with upper case letters at the beginning of every word of the Internet !!!
Perhaps German needs some, but English ??? Why ??? Where does this curious habit come from ?

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