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Comment: This just in (Score 1) 786

by AnalogDiehard (#48200777) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders
80s ads are responsible for the lack of male shoppers at shopping malls because the merchandise in stores appeal predominantly to women.

Really, it all comes down to marketing. The mens' clothing I see in stores have zero appeal to me because women are usually in charge of purchasing at clothing stores and they stock colors and patterns that are too effeminate. Not to hard to see a parallel with computers as they simply LOOK like mens' tools. Next time you see a woman using a palmtop or cellphone, note the accessory(s) that are matched to her wardrobe.

Comment: Re: The decline started with OS/2 (Score 1) 156

The other reason that Lotus 123 fell out of favor was copy protection. They used a scheme that detected an intentional fault on the floppy disk. You couldn't make a backup because the program would detect the missing fault and refuse to run. Maybe accounting departments could look past that, but engineering departments with daily production reports and new product deliveries critical to the bottom line weren't very comfortable depending on a system with no backup.

Comment: NY State Law has ways to find evaders (Score 2) 185

by AnalogDiehard (#47962051) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook
Here in divorce-centric NY, they WILL find ways to serve papers on you. Having a GOOD lawyer who knows state law helps. The judicial system doesn't approve of evaders.

When I filed for divorce in NY (I'll be very brief), my master manipulator STBX evaded the servers. She was an ex-deputy of the Sheriff department and learned of papers through the "old boy network". When she was at home she parked the car at an undisclosed location and no one answered the door. She was known to wear wigs for disguise and they could not find her on campus. All the places and events she was known to frequent, she could not be found.

The judge heard testimony from the servers that they were unable to serve papers on her after six months of trying. My lawyer and the judge had never seen a case this bad. At that time, she told me to contact her through her mother. I had a GOOD lawyer and he cited NY state law that in the event that a family member has been designated a contact, then papers can be served on that family member.

My mother-in-law never even knew we were separated and she went through the roof when she got the papers. Then the very next day her lawyer responds, and this timing of events was used in my trial before a very impressed judge.

Without going into details, the whole episode stretched out years longer than it should had for a simple divorce case and the judge cited her intentional abuse of the legal system in his ruling to prolong the process.

Did it end there? Nooooo.... when I found a buyer for the marital residence she refused to sign the papers, in violation of the stipulation. The same judge, with my divorce case fresh in his memory, wanted that broad in his court in two weeks. She was working at a state camp for the summer and I provided precise directions of the location of this camp for the server. Knowing her tactics, he posed as a delivery person carrying a parcel that required her signature. He delivered the parcel - and the papers. She never expected it, and probably forgot that years ago I wrote down those instructions when she called me out to that camp because her car broke down.

Comment: Brilliant move! (Score 1) 504

by AnalogDiehard (#47939089) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
Apple codes their iOS so that neither they or law authorities have no backdoor or master key to access any iDevice.

When they approach the owner, he can flip the proverbial middle finger by citing the fifth amendment.

And it's all legal despite any Patriot Act, secret FISA court, or intimidating threats from the NSA.

Comment: Re:Read first? (Score 1) 131

by AnalogDiehard (#47828255) Attached to: Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

If you read TFA:-

A default feature in Facebook’s mobile app that automatically launches videos in users’ newsfeeds has been blamed for devouring mobile phone users’ data and driving up their cellphone bills.

Nothing to do with browsers.

As of yesterday, my Safari browser was auto-playing videos in FB. That wasn't true a week ago. Time to look into preventative actions and fire off a nastygram to FB.

Comment: Re:it tingles (Score 1) 182

by AnalogDiehard (#47828157) Attached to: Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen is an oxygen deficiency hazard. We have kilns at work that operate in the few thousand Fahrenheit range. These kilns are over 200,000 cubic feet. In case of a fire, liquid nitrogen is used to extinguish it by cutting off the oxygen that feeds the fire. The control systems dispense it rapidly enough that it is a human hazard and alarm systems warn to evacuate immediately. You don't want to be around when that stuff dispenses.

Comment: Microsoft Messenger = Spim (Score 1) 127

by AnalogDiehard (#47797061) Attached to: Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years of Service
Microsoft Messenger got a bad reputation as a target for spim (IM spam). It was enabled up to WINXP SP2 which finally disabled it by default, but by then it was an abandoned protocol because almost all users turned it off in earlier Windows OS to block the spim. It became a ghost town haunted by spammers like most Yahoo groups.

Comment: Cable TV tried this (Score 1) 611

by AnalogDiehard (#47722883) Attached to: Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year
Back in the 1980s, many channels on Cable TV had zero ads.

By the 1990s, every channel had ads. And the cost of Cable TV continued to rise. By 2000 I pulled the plug and swore off broadcast TV. I pay for viewing privileges, not for ads.

I'm not easily convinced anymore when a sales pitch promises ad free content.

Comment: Whitelist (Score 1) 382

by AnalogDiehard (#47695981) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?
We don't need a payment system. We need a whitelist. If I see a new alias I should have the option to peek at your posts prior to adding you to my whitelist. If you're a civil human poster, I add your alias to my whitelist and I look forward to reading your comments. If you're a troll or spammer, I never add you to my whitelist and I never have to waste eyeball on your diatribe or sales pitches again.

Comment: Blame the person behind the wheel not the machines (Score 1) 579

by AnalogDiehard (#47369119) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature
Idiot drivers rushing traffic obstacles have been a problem ever since the automobile was invented. During the first fifty years of automobile ownership they were especially problematic with collisions with trains because those idiots tried to beat the train to the grade crossing and they lost. A 200 ton locomotive against a 1/2 ton automobile is no contest. A 1000 pound automobile against a human being at a fraction of the speed and mass is no contest. People are too quick to blame the machines and should starting blaming the idiots behind the wheel.

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