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1:Horny twinks in sweat room
2:Russian studs
3 Hot chinks

Status of the community
I have one fan, and two freaks. Unfortunately, my unique stance on open sexuality has led to my being modded down, and even being made a mockery of (take a cursory review of the replies to my comments). So, I've been temporarily stripped of my posting privleges. Hopefully, Mr. McCarthy will understand how ridculous this is, and reinstate me immediately.
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Journal Journal: Hi 2 2

Introducing me

Who are you?

I am an open source advocate who is openly gay. I feel the gay community of Slashdot needs to pull together and not feel threatened anymore.

How do you propose to do this?

I have registered the channel #gayslashdot on Slashnet.org. Also, I will publish a daily journal that will function as a BBS system. You can e-mail me articles to post in the journal, and I will also maintain a daily list of gay porn links.

Any other questions, please e-mail them to me.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't have a fix. -- Rhett Buggler