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Comment Re:who would want (Score 4, Informative) 624

Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

1st world: United States and allies during the cold war.
2nd world: Soviet Union, China, and allies during the cold war.
3rd world: Any nation not listed in the above two categories.

Look it up:

Comment Re:Impact probability (Score 1) 83

I believe the current consensus is that Jupiter and Saturn (and I'm not sure about the other Gas Giants) has a compressed "liquid metal Hydrogen" core, (where Hydrogen at sufficient pressure acts as a metal): IANA Physicist, so take that wiki article at face value. I'm still with you on not knowing what would happen, but I suspect that pressures significant to turn Hydrogen into a metal, I'd lean towards something akin to your diamond explanation, depending on the composition of the impacting body.

Comment Re:Java too complex (Score 1) 558

As much as it troubles me, I must agree. I loved learning Java, and I still love writing and using it, but it hasn't had the force behind it that it once did. Initially, it had a similar dictatorship running the show (albeit not a single person, but Sun wouldn't let anyone else influence its path), until the JCP came around. Since then, I haven't seen many improvements. I so desperately want Java to succeed, so much of it just makes sense to me. When used correctly, it can be a beautiful language.

Dye Used In Blue M&Ms Can Lessen Spinal Injury 324

SydShamino writes "Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center have found that the dye used in blue M&Ms and other foods can, when given intravenously to a lab rat shortly after a spinal injury, minimize secondary damage caused by the body when it kills off nearby healthy cells. The dye is called BBG or Brilliant Blue G. Given that 85% of spinal injury patients are currently untreated (and some doctors don't trust the treatment given to the other 15%), a relatively safe treatment like this could help preserve some function for thousands of patients. The best part is that in lab rats the subjects given the treatment turn blue." The researchers are "pulling together an application to be lodged with the FDA to stage the first clinical trials of BBG on human patients."
The Courts

Libel Suits OK Even If Libel Is Truthful 301

Defeat Globalism writes to tell us that many journalists, bloggers, and media law specialists are concerned about a new ruling by a US Court of Appeals in Boston. The new ruling is allowing a former Staples employee to sue the company for libel after an email was sent out informing other employees that he had been fired for violations of company procedures regarding expense reimbursements. "Staples has asked the full appeals court to reconsider the ruling, and 51 news organizations have filed a friend-of-the-court brief saying that the decision, if allowed to stand, 'will create a precedent that hinders the media's ability to rely on truthful publication to avoid defamation liability.' But Wendy Sibbison, the Greenfield appellate lawyer for the fired Staples employee, Alan S. Noonan, said the ruling applies only to lawsuits by private figures against private defendants, that is, defendants not involved in the news business, over purely private matters."

Comment Re:Makes you wonder...not so much (Score 1) 388

I read an article a while back on Pebble Bed reactors (though, for the life of me I can't remember where, so I'll link the wiki article instead). They seem to be a lot more stable and less prone to the dangers cited by the anti-nuclear crowd (like meltdowns, etc), and the fuel is not as concentrated. I'm not a nuclear physicist, so I can't speak to their efficiency, but IMHO would be a viable avenue to pursue as well.

Comment Re:Dumping Firefox for Chrome Felt Like Dumping IE (Score 1) 326

You're the guy that rides a motorcycle because it it's "an even better feeling" and "utterly annihilates in realworld performance". You don't mind the lack of windshield and protection from weather, heater, cooler, safety, ability to hit a pothole without dying.

Yep, I'm that guy. A bike does have an even better feeling. And, yes, utterly annihilates in real world performance. Insensitive clod. But because I love a bike doesn't mean I don't have use for a car. Most of your arguments against a bike are bad. Try cargo space (strapping 2x4s to my back doesn't work real well), passenger space, and long road trip comfort.

As for windshields? Put a helmet on. Weather? Put on a set of leathers. Heater? I have heated hand grips. Cooler? Ride faster :P Potholes? Just maneuver around them (and I have hit some pretty big ones, it's jarring, but I'm not dead). Sheesh.


Submission + - DIY Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster Design-> 1

Ana10g writes: Are you looking for a thruster for that spacecraft you've been building on the side? Matthew Krolak's How-To Article details how to build a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster may have the answer. It actually seems to be fairly straightforward, and the parts are readily available.
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