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Comment Re:ummmm (Score 1) 296

Many things so names were not named with names of meaning. Also, the forced naming of the already-named mountain didn't stick because there were still enough natives in the area to use the old name. In most cases, the feds take the state's name for something and run with it. They didn't in this case because Alaska wasn't a state for a while after the naming. Also note, the "inconsequential" names aren't being fought over. Note the Pribilofs are not using their native names, nor does anyone care. They are named for the Russian "explorer" who found the inhabited (and named) islands. There are many more such examples.

Is the real issue that if you let "those people" win, then you have to admit an error? And The Great White Race is never wrong?

Why must you use such force to hold back the natives? Why does it harm you so that the name of a mountain has changed on the federal records to match what the locals have been calling it since before the records were kept?

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 648

The intent of the Nazi was the deport them,

So nobody was killed? They were holding camps for deportation?

It's a shame the US didn't enter WWI on the side of the Germans. The world would be a very different place. We almost did. but our shared language with the English was the swaying factor. The Immigrant English in the US forced English on everyone as the only language, while the Dutch, Irish,Germans and many others didn't force their language on everyone else.

Comment Re:I would hardly call R obscure. (Score 2) 88

So what is and not obscure?
ADA? It is used in all the latest Boeing airliners but not used a lot outside of the aerospace community.
What about Lisp?
Or Haskell?
What about Comal, Action! and Promal? Now those are obscure.
Pascal ,Modual, Oberon?
Or the RPG family? REXX?
Some are truly obscure or just not used anymore and some are very common in a specific domain. For instance I have never needed to use Lua but I know it is used in a lot of places.

Comment I must be happy (Score 1) 443

The only things I could think of to do if I was suddenly wealthy is a)get a $2500 gaming PC so I can max out the new games, and b) get a Suzuki G-48W Gregoire Maret signature chromatic harmonica (http://www.suzukimusic.com/harmonicas/g48w/).

The rest I'd turn over to my wife and daughter to do with as they please. Other than that, I'm already pretty satisfied.

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 1) 96

you should read what someone writes

then form a response

rather than regurgitating canned crap that has nothing to do with what someone said

if you just want to have arguments with boogeymen that only exist in your head, you don't even need the internet for that

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 108

What fucking IP will your modem give you?

Well, I have mine configured to give out leases from the range, which more than adequately serves my LAN for now. What sort of piece of crap modem do you have, that can only deal with a single client connection?

What fucking IP will things on the switch get?

I just answered that, but I'll repeat myself - Since switches work by transparently passing L2 traffic, they will get an address issued by the DHCP server on the modem, just like something directly plugged into the modem would. So something between 100 and 199.

What fucking IP will things on the router connected to the switch get?

They would get whatever range I configure the OnHub's own DHCP server to give out, exactly the same way it would work with any crappy $50 DLink/Linksys. Most likely I would pick, if you want an exact number.

How will traffic to and from these IPs be routed outside of your network?

DHCP leases include a gateway address. These can nest (almost) arbitrarily deep. How do you think your phone, connected to your WAP, in turn connected to your modem, manages to route traffic? Nothing magic here, dude.

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 1) 96

i have found another way. work within the parameters of a fallible human nature

your "way" is to insist we all become saints first

you're a moron. socially retarded. not a baseless insult, an objective description of the quality of your "thinking" on this topic

Comment Re:wan port (Score 2) 108

Incorrect. The Picostation has an omni antenna, but otherwise behaves just like all the rest of Ubiquiti's AirOS devices - It will act as any combination of {bridge / router / SOHO router} x {AP / Station / Client / Repeater}... And yes, a few of those combinations don't even make sense, but it will let you do it (never, ever disable the hard reset button on a Ubiquiti unless you know exactly what you want to do).

I absolutely love my Nanostations - Put one at one corner of an area you want covered, and bam, you will have five bars a quarter mile away in any direction (technically only a 60 degree beam, but it takes quite a distance from the antenna before that starts to matter).

Comment Re:Not all that uncommon in reality (Score 1) 112

Someday Steam will go away, and then all those discs which are now coasters which install Steam and maybe some game resources will just be coasters.

Yes, and someday the universe will end in heat death and everything that ever existed will be useless. That doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy it up until that point.

The point wasn't "don't use Steam", the point was "if you have decent internet access, the disc is a complete waste of time." It's worth noting however that if you don't have a halfway decent connection, it may still be a complete waste of time.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 108

I hate getting involved in this rapidly degenerating conversation, but...

You plug the switch into the LAN port and you plug your WAN connection into the WAN port. Hell the pictures from the article show two ports and two ethernet cables.

Assuming your modem has only one LAN port, you would do better to plug the modem into your switch, then you plug the OnHub's WAN side into the switch. This gives you full speed through the switch to your ISP for any wired devices you have, while not bogging down the processor on the OnHub dealing with non-wireless traffic. If your modem has two or more LAN ports, just connect one to your switch and one to your OnHub.

You would only want to use the LAN side of the OnHub in two, maybe three situations - You have only a single wired device in the whole house you need connected; you have a wired device that uses this hypothetical new Google spyOnYou protocol; and maybe you might put a second switch off the OnHub's LAN port if you had a strong need for an additional layer of segment isolation (and that assumes it truly isolates the LAN side, rather than merely acting as a two-port switch).

And before anyone points out that what I just proposed amounts to making your wired network a DMZ - Your modem already acts as a fully-functional SOHO router.

Comment Re:Fat Cats in the Countryside (Score 1) 186

Why? Why is it "even greater?" You really think getting people living in the middle of nowhere is one of the best places the government can spend our money? I don't.

Do you really want there to only be one lifestyle available in the country? Don't you want there to be infrastructure available in remote regions of the nation so that you can enjoy it if you should have to go there? By the way, I'm literally walking distance from actual civilization, there's just artificial monopoly boundaries in the way of someone other than AT&T bringing fiber into my county, and thus some competition. It's a short hop.

Because despite the views of the slashdot demographic, not having high speed internet is not the end of the world.

It's part of modern society... in developed nations, anyhow.

I think transportation infrastructure should be paid for ONLY through gasoline taxes, which means those big trucks doing the most damage are paying the most for the use of the roads.

If you think that would make the trucks pay for their fair share of the damage, thinking is precisely what you aren't doing. They only consume five to ten times as much fuel as cars, but they do far more than five to ten times as much of the road damage. Basing all road maintenance on gas taxes would place the most unfair burden squarely on the people who damage the roads the least — motorcyclists. That would be followed up in unfairness by people who drive lightweight cars without low rolling resistance tires, who also do basically no road damage whatsoever in the course of normal road use.

And make no mistake - I probably drive a lot more than you (I'm at 200k with my 10 year old car, the average is supposedly around 12k/year, not 20k).

Unless it's a serious land yacht with cookie-cutter tires, you'd be getting absolutely robbed if all the road maintenance came from fuel taxes.

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