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Comment: Re:Night vision (Score 1) 171 171

I'll have to second that.

I've always had an uncanny ease to move about in near darkness but never thought much of it. A few years ago when I got my right eye corrected through laser surgery, the doctors couldn't believe how wide my pupils could open up; makes sense.

Comment: Re:Looks pretty bad here. (Score 1) 2254 2254

Yes, indeed, I cannot get enough of the added suspense and general sense of mystery now sprinkled about every page, and by this I mean that no matter which option I fiddle with I am unable to get rid of the 'stories' navbar that is cutting off a portion of every post/comment on the left margin. I love puzzles as much as the next cave dweller but this is a bit much; might be a way to promote the use of the 'quoted' text, since those are the only ones I can see properly. (Using Iron here.)

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