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Comment: Re:bye (Score 1) 383

by intnsred (#49751801) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users

I agree wholeheartedly. Sadly, the handwriting for this has been on the wall for some time. I can only hope Debian's Iceweasel port of Firefox does not adopt this "feature".

This makes me start to wonder if there is a reduced capability browser -- something leaner and meaner, focused militantly on privacy and even going so far as to deliberately not support portions of HTML5 (e.g. DRM).

Coders of the world, here's a niche you could fill...

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 78

by An Ominous Coward (#49697919) Attached to: College Board Puts In Charge of AP CS Program

It's not name calling, it's accurate classification, Mr. I'm the Best, Doing the Most with Less. Your work--your posts in this thread--absolutely speaks for itself. What is says--shouts, really--is that you're an egomaniac impossible to work with. But keep on with the my-way-or-highway whines here and on your blog about the slights against you. Powerful advocacy, that.

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 78

by An Ominous Coward (#49697593) Attached to: College Board Puts In Charge of AP CS Program

Oh yeah, a school in America's leading, cash-flush metropolis, servicing only gifted students who've made it past the SHSAT.

NYC's specialized high schools are wonderful. But tell some teachers in the Southeast that you're doing more with less and they'll deservedly laugh in your face. You're doing more with more.

Comment: Re:Lies! Lies! All lies! (Score 1) 284

by An Ominous Coward (#49695601) Attached to: Third Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered In As Many Months

I have no problem with the idea that fundamentalist Islam is a serious threat to human rights worldwide. I do object to false blanket statements that Islam is inherently barbaric and Christianity is not. For one, starting from a false premise is an impediment to finding solutions. For another, living in the U.S., barbaric fundamentalist Christianity is a far greater threat to my personal well-being than fundamentalist Islam could hope to be.

Comment: Your monthly algorithm tweak brought to you by... (Score 4, Insightful) 115

by Idarubicin (#49694603) Attached to: Baidu's Supercomputer Beats Google At Image Recognition

Okay, so we have a benchmark where the bog-standard human being scores 94.9%.

Then in February (that's three months ago), Microsoft reports hitting 95.06%; the first score to edge the humans.

Then in March, Google notches 95.18%.

Now it's May, and Baidu puts up a 95.42%.

Meh. Swinging dicks with big iron are twiddling with their algorithms to squeeze out incremental, marginal improvements on an arbitrary task.

“Our company is now leading the race in computer intelligence,” said Ren Wu, a Baidu scientist working on the project. ... “We have great power in our hands—much greater than our competitors.”

I presume that next month it will be IBM boasting about "leading the race" and being "much greater than their competitors". The month after that it will be Microsoft's turn again. Google will be back on top in August or so...unless, of course, some other benchmark starts getting some press.

Comment: Agile truth. (Score 2) 507

by An Ominous Coward (#49691161) Attached to: Is Agile Development a Failing Concept?

Agile is nothing but an admission by clueless marketing/business development folks that they're terrible at their jobs. They have no idea how to do market research, they have no idea how to interact with actual or potential customers, they have no idea what a company's products actually do and what solutions they provide, they have no idea how to do the analytical side of their job, and have no vision at all for their industry. So instead they shove all the responsibility onto the development team: hack a small iteration together quick, show it to a customer (or more likely, show it to a cross-function representation of development groups within the company, none of which is trained in market analysis), and repeat until someone in upper management says "hey, this was supposed to be released this quarter". Then marketing will swoop in and offer to put together some glossies.

Obviously for situations like with a small start-up, you aren't going to have a well-rounded business development unit, and you'll be forced into having developers and other non-specialists pick up the business development slack. That's when agile makes sense: when you have no other option. But big companies with full business development and analysis teams pushing agile on its developers is nothing but welfare for idiot marketers.

Comment: Re:Lies! Lies! All lies! (Score 4, Insightful) 284

by An Ominous Coward (#49684937) Attached to: Third Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered In As Many Months

Well considering the massive support the Kill the Gays bill had in 84% Christian Uganda, I think a few more than 5 Christians supported it.

Now, if you want to compare Christianity in Uganda and the U.S. in terms of the legacy of exploitation, poverty, and strife, and how those issues are a more important factor in social attitudes and affect the interpretation and execution of a shared religion, be my guest. Just take it up first with the poster who made sweeping statements about Christians and Muslims.

Oh, right, that was you. Talk about disingenuous.

Comment: Re:Lies! Lies! All lies! (Score 5, Informative) 284

by An Ominous Coward (#49684033) Attached to: Third Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered In As Many Months

Was enacted, has since been struck down but only for technicalities: lack of quorum when passed. That is being appealed to Uganda Supreme Court, and if that fails it will be brought up again. Original bill included death penalty, was changed after International pressure to life sentence, but politicians have been working to amend to make homosexuality a capital crime as originally intended.

Either way, the legislation has also increased vigilante homophobia, Uganda gays "face an atmosphere of physical abuse, vandalism to their property, blackmail, death threats, and 'correctional rape'."

Bill was introduced following a two-day conference by U.S. Christians on how homosexuality is a threat to families in Africa.

American Family Association leader praises bill:


Family Research Council supports Uganda anti-homosexuality bill:

Comment: Re:Lies! Lies! All lies! (Score 1) 284

by An Ominous Coward (#49683809) Attached to: Third Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered In As Many Months

The main thing preventing Christians in the U.S. from regularly saying, and acting upon, "We will kill gays", is the protection offered by a secular government.

But give our U.S. Christians some influence outside our borders, like the American Family Association's encouraging Christian-majority Uganda to pass laws making homosexuality a capital offense, and we find Christian and Islamic fundamentalists to be rather similar.

Comment: Re:rather expected (Score 2) 284

by An Ominous Coward (#49683687) Attached to: Third Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered In As Many Months

Doctors who perform abortions would disagree with you. As would the women who end up dying from miscarriage complications at their Catholic-owned hospital systems. As would the AIDs patients in Africa who were scared away from condom use. There's also the KKK and other white power and militia groups who base their violent rhetoric on fundamentalist Christianity. Or the significant numbers of Christian Dominionists flocking to the military to explicitly wage modern crusade in the Middle East.