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Comment Re:Eagerly looking forward to this technology (Score 2) 154

1. Self-driving car?
Try self-driving RV .
With the boomers retiring and slowing down, this will be a huge product category.

2. 25" screen? How quaint.
How about thinking futuristically, maybe a VR holosphere driven by methane micro-lasers?
Gonna need some sort of privacy screen for the inevitable social maladjusted out there that feel the need for a FUFME session with their 'net-enabled fleshlight on the 405.

Comment To everyone whining about the title... (Score 4, Informative) 109

Here is the list of organizations who got the info:

Georgia Democratic Party
Georgia Republican Party
Georgia Libertarian Party
Independence Party of Georgia
Southern Party of Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Macon Telegraph
Savannah Morning News
Georgia GunOwner Magazine
Georgia Pundit
News Publishing Co.

Who is the biggest risk? Who has the least to lose and the most ideological fervor? Who is most likely simply to get hacked?

Actually, it isn't the gun nut magazine, it's the Southern Party of Georgia.

That would make an even better headline: Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To Racist Lost Cause Political Party You've Never Heard Of

Comment Re:Upset about Georgia Gun Owner Magazine... (Score 0) 109

Which is more likely to abuse the information - a small magazine devoted to individual rights, or the two major political parties?

The tiny gun magazine, of course. The political parties and newspapers actually have reputations to lose.

Besides, have you ever heard how gun nuts talk?

Comment Sure are a lot of morons in this thread (Score 5, Informative) 387

They're eating up the author's framing as if it was literally what Nye said. What he actually said was that NASCAR should reward fuel efficiency as well as speed, as it would make a more interesting engineering problem.

Besides, everybody knows that if you're not NASCAR, you're NASCDR.

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.